Picture of Women's Encore Ice Shoe

Merrell Encore Ice Women’s Slip-On Merrell Stone Color Shoes J66600

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Picture of Women's Encore Ice Shoe
Warm, comfortable, and supportive the women's Merrell Encore Ice is worth its price! (Image from: merrell.com, retrieved January 22, 2012.)

Written By: Lindsay Karzon

Slip on a pair of women’s Merrell Encore Ice Merrell stone color shoes and you will be ready for winter. Winter is cool, but the trendy design of the Merrell Encore Ice shoes is even cooler. No need to worry about cold feet, these shoes will bring you heat.  Do you want to know why these comfortable, cozy clogs are the latest craze?

These women’s shoes are warm and comfortable like slippers, but even better because they are sturdy and stylish enough to be worn for errands or to a casual work setting. The sheepskin lining and wool fleece foot-bed ensure that your feet are toasty and snug. As someone who gets cold easily, these shoes have kept my feet cozy.

Growing up wearing orthopedic shoes as a child, I have always had trouble finding shoes that will support my feet.  I love the ease of slip-on shoes, but for me, most of the shoes slip off in the heel. The popular Birkenstock clogs look great, but they won’t stay on my feet. This was not true with the Merrell Encore Ice.

When trying different brands of slip-ons, I found that the Haflinger clogs were fashionable and stayed on my feet. At first I was happy with them, but then very quickly the heel gave out and I had a hole in my left shoe. I decided to look for a stronger pair of clogs that would support the amount of weight I place on my heel. The air cushion in the heel of the Merrell Encore Ice solved this problem. In addition, the lightweight cement construction and comfort Eva mid-sole specially tailored for ladies make the Merrell Encore Ice comfortable and highly durable.

The Merrell Encore Ice comes in a variety of colors. In addition to the Merrell Stone color featured in this review, you can also order it in bracken or black. If you purchased the Encore Chill, the previous version of the Encore Ice, you will notice the stylish collar accents to the sheepskin lined upper. These classy clogs are made with pig suede or nubuck leather upper material. One disadvantage of this material is that it is not waterproof. If it rains and your shoes get soaked, your feet will be wet and the leather exterior of your shoe will be stained, giving the leather a weathered look. However, there is a quick fix that will protect the leather and keep your feet dry. An inexpensive waterproof spray or liquid such as nikwax will do the trick.

Merrell claims that the Encore Ice is supportive, warm, and comfortable. As an owner of three different pairs (one of each color), I have to agree. If you are looking for these three key features, then this shoe is for you. Compared to any other slip-on shoe I have owned, my Merrell Encore Ice has been the most supportive, warm, and comfortable. It’s also outlasted similar brands I have tried. Although $100 for a pair is expensive, the Encore Ice is worth it because you wear shoes every day. Your feet will thank you.


The Encore Ice Sole
This sturdy sole is sure to give your foot the ultimate support it needs. The air cushion increases the durability of the heel. (Image from: merrell.com, retrieved January 22, 2012)
  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Slip-ons
  • Durable
  • Supportive


  • Not waterproof
  • Water will stain the leather
  • Expensive
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