New Balance Women's WX608 Cross Training Shoe

New Balance Women’s WX608 Cross Training Shoe Review

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Written by: Linda Gayle Parker

New Balance Women’s WX608 Cross Training Shoe is a great choice for people who are generally active, have wide or narrow feet, need good arch support, or who would like to try an all-purpose athletic shoe.

New Balance Women's WX608 Cross Training Shoe
New Balance Women's WX608 Cross Training Shoe

This is a deceptively simple cross-training shoe. It does not come with fancy trim or futuristic looking detail. However, it is the most comfortable and well-fitting athletic shoe I have ever had the pleasure of wearing, and I have been wearing this particular model for about ten years now.  The sturdy loop at the back of this shoe, also makes them easy to pull on and take off. It is the only cross trainer I have ever found that does not ride up and down on my heel, as well. It fits like a glove.

Actress Natalie Portman wears New Balance athletic shoes
Actress Natalie Portman wears New Balance athletic shoes. Photo from

Many celebrities love the New Balance brand as well, Natalie Portman, Fergie, Hilary Duff, Heidi Klum, and Jennifer Garner all wear New Balance shoes on a regular basis during exercise or relaxation.

This shoe is sturdy and long wearing. It features leather and mesh uppers for durability and support,  Abzorb heel-cushioning for stellar shock absorption and absorbency, a lightweight C-Cap mid sole for cushioning and flexibility, and a rubber sole for long lasting traction. It also comes in a variety of widths N=2A, M=B, W=D, and XW=2E. This is a godsend for those of us with hard to fit tootsies. It is also popular with those who have struggled with plantar fasciitis, and of course the insole can be removed to accomodate orthotics if necessary.

There is some controversy about the newer version of this shoe, called the WX608V2. Note those two extra letters at the end. Many people have complained that the 608V2 fits differently, does not offer the same comfortable cushioning or arch support, has a different toe box, isn’t nearly as comfortable as the 608 and is rumored to wear out more quickly.  One way to avoid being fooled: Be sure that the lettering on the tongue says New Balance 608, and not 608V2, or you will be buying a completely different experience and perhaps not a happy one.  For this reason, it is probably best to buy these in a physical store, rather than online. It is never a good idea to buy shoes, particularly athletic shoes without trying them on first.

The New Balance WX 608  is available in white, with red or navy trim, or solid black colors. Price generally runs from $42.99 – $79.95. They are available from Red Wing Shoes, Nordstrom, Sears, Amazon, Footsmart and many other locations and websites nationwide.

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