heather gray scout baby bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom

Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Baby Bag: The Dad Bag

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by Adrienna Ogin

Photo of Gabriel Aubry and Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout bagThere are baby bags, and then there are the baby bags. Petunia Pickle Bottom has designed a line of baby bags for the chic momma and pappa. The Scout bag was designed with dad in mind. Choosing neutral colors, like heather grey, heathered black, and heathered olive, it will compliment any man that cares about his accessories matching his ensemble. In fact, many a celebrity carries a baby bag (just the ones with babies so far), like Calvin Klein model Gabriel Aubry, but just because a celeb has one does that mean it’s the right bag for you or your man (because he is going to help carry that heavy bag!)?

Let’s point out the main features:

  • 2 exterior bottle pockets that “snap off”
  • 1 large interior magnetic snap pocket
  • 1 lined cell phone pocket
  • Water resistant changing pad (yeah a must)
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Easy to clean
Petunia Pickle Bottom Heathered Black baby bag

The felt exterior feels great, and the easy to clean is a huge plus because spills are a part of parenting life.  The changing pad is removable as are the bottle pockets on the side. It has plenty of room, it is sturdy, durable, and Petunia Pickle Bottom offers a 100% craftsmanship guarantee. Also the bag is stylish. In fact, you would never know that it is meant to be a baby bag. I know one friend who bought the bag as an art bag for her art supplies. The longevity on the bag is about as long as you want to use it.heather gray scout baby bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom

What are the cons? It is a bit on the pricey side, maybe not for a celebrity, but for an everyday mom and dad, a $147.00 diaper bag may seem a little steep. The bag is well crafted, but after you add up the cost of everything you have to buy just to get prepared for baby, that $40.00 dollar canvas bag at Ross keeps looking better and better.If it’s in your budget it is a good buy, because of its durability and versatility. The quality and the craftsmanship is strong, it is just a matter if being chic and hip are as important as budget. The best way to get one of these bags is to put it down on your wish list and hope someone brings one to the baby shower. When mom unwraps the bag, dad can cheer, “yes that’s what I wanted! I can put a bottle in one pocket and a beer in the other.” See, versatile.

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