Rabito Silicone Case For Your IPhone 4

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Rabito Case For IPhone 4

Written by : Yü Linlin Huang

Traditional iPhone cases are boring, and the ones from the iPhone store are expensive and, well, uninteresting. So, I went on the search for a more interesting iPhone case that can protect my phone and express my personality, and I found the Rabito iPhone 4 cases which answer both of my needs almost perfectly.

Rabito is the cute rabbit case for the iPhone 4. Its silicone body feels soft to the touch and fits the phone well. The Rabito bunny case is made specifically for the iPhone 4, which means that there are appropriate openings where all the buttons are. Looking past the Rabito‘s cuteness, its signature ears and tail has practical uses too!

For those who listen to music on the iphone, the ears are the perfect storage place to coil up the headphones when you’re not using them. The tail is fuzzy and has a suction cup which applies directly to the back of the phone through an opening in the Rabitocase and acts as a stand and screen cleaner for the phone.

panda iphone4 case
panda hardshell iphone4 case
Rabito Iphone 4 cases vary in color

I have two complaints on the Rabito case. Firstly, the design of the back of the case allows for the suction cup of the tail to be applied to the phone when you want to stand the phone up. However, I must remove it everyday when I go out because I don’t want to carry the tail around. When I remove the tail, a large circle on the back of the Rabito case leaves the phone vulnerable to damage. Secondly, the Rabito silicone case is vulnerable to stretching over time and the case itself is not very strong for the protection of the phone. The silicone case protects the phone from scratches and natural wear and tear, but its soft shell does not protect the phone from accidental dropping or rain.

Korilakkuma Bear Case

For those who are skeptical of the protection that the silicone Rabito case would offer the iPhone 4, the alternatives to the Rabito case include any of the hard-shell cases in the iPhone stores. The hard-shell cases would definitely offer stronger protection for the iPhone 4. Another more stylish alternative is the Panda hard-shell case and the Korilakkuma hard-shell case.

The Rabito silicone iPhone 4 case is a very cute and stylish alternative to traditional iPhone cases. It has ears to hold the ear buds when you’re not using them and it also has a fuzzy tail to clean the phone screen and to act as a stand for the phone. My only complaint about the case is its strength to protect the phone. However, the Rabito is a great phone cover to decorate the iPhone and to protect it from general abrasion.

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Rabito Silicone Case For Your IPhone 4, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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