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Review of Nair’s Precision Face and Upper Lip Kit

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Picture of Nair Box
The recognizable brand has a line of many hair removal products for many parts of the body.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

As a woman, I know how embarrassing it is to suffer from unwanted facial hair. When I first saw the commercials for Nair’s Precision Face and Upper Lip Kit, I thought its promise of longer-lasting results was the better alternative to plucking each hair. While the results were not what I had hoped, Nair is, at least, a decent short term solution.

With Nair, a simple five minute application of the hair removal cream will do the job of a razor without the chance of nicks or cuts. You simply apply and then wait — once it has set for long enough, you wipe the cream – and the hair- away. The Precision Face and Upper Lip Kit also comes with a re-balancing moisturizer for application after use which soothes the bleached, tight feeling left on your skin.

Nair works as promised in that regard. It removes the hair quickly and easily, but, as it says on the box, it only gets rid of visible hair. This means that your roots haven’t gone anywhere. Waxing is a more painful solution, but it at least tears hair from the base and forces the stem to regrow, therefor granting longer results.

Nair promises long-lasting results, but in general, the time you can expect to remain upper-lip-shadow-free is only about two weeks. By then you may not have a full mustache, but the bristly black hairs will return with a vengeance, most of them too small to easily grab with a pair of tweezers if you feel like doing a little plucking in between applications of Nair. The disappointing turnover aside, Nair smells. For a product that sits beneath your nose for anywhere from five to ten minutes it is a wonder that the scent of bleach doesn’t kill brain cells in the process. Like having your hair dyed, it also burns very mildly, so do not try to use it if you have a pimple or open sore on your face.

Before and after of a lip waxing.
Waxing and Nair have the same effect for the first few days: the difference is how long the results last.

Despite my complaints, it is undeniable that Nair is a fast, easy solution to facial hair problems. If you are in a hurry or forgot to wax before your big meeting, this is a viable, cheap solution. Nair is available at Walmart and most drugstores as an over-the-counter product. Nair is also available for other parts of the body, see their full lineup at naircare.com.

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