Schick Intuition Moisture Razor System

Schick Intuition Plus Moisturizing Care Pack Razor System

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Schick Intuition Moisture Razor System
Schick Intuition in Packaging

written by: Camille Ong

Finally, a razor and moisturizer all-in-one product that actually works–my legs are eternally grateful to the creators of Schick Intuition Plus Moisturizing Razor System.

Larger and bulkier than a normal razor, the Schick Intuition line is a group of razors that come with a solid of moisturizing lotion attached around the razor’s head to erase the need for soap or shaving gel. The razor comes with 4 blades for a close shave with a pivoting head, and the handle is ergonomically designed for handheld comfort. However, the most unique part is most certainly the skin conditioning solid that surrounds the razor. Each Schick Intuition Care Pack comes with at least one refill of this solid that wears away with usage. Like any other bar of soap, it lathers the skin with water. It is also this solid that takes away the need for any kind of shaving gel since it moisturizes the skin while the blades do their job. Containing shea butter, milk, and honey, I have been completely satisfied with the amount of moisture that the solid provides for my skin. I much prefer this kind of moisture package than the small aloe vera strips on the typical razor, as I usually need some other kind of supplementary moisture such as shaving gel.


  • 4 blades for a close shave
  • ergonomically designed handle
  • pivoting razor head
  • skin conditioning solid
  • comes with 1 refill solid
  • no need for shaving gel

However, this razor system does come at a higher price than most razors. At around $10 a pack, I decided to try it anyway, but for some that may not be worth the cost knowing that you could buy a cheap razor and shaving gel together for less. A few reviewers also complained of the blades dulling too quickly, causing nicks and burns. I have personally not had these issues; however, as one reviewer put it, “no nicks cuts or burns if known how to use…don’t recommend to 1st time shavers” ( I would agree that this razor would be harder for those first learning to shave simply because of the shape of the product. Because it is a bit bulkier, it does require a bit more skill especially around curves such as knees. For these first-time users, I would suggest using a more typically-shaped razor, such as the Gillette Venus line.

Schick Intuition Razor
Schick Intuition Razor


  • pricey
  • dulling blades
  • requires more skill in handling to prevent nicks and cuts

The Schick Intuition line also comes in several variations:

  1. Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care- contains a hypo-allergenic solid made with 100% Aloe and Vitamin E
  2. Intuition Renewing Moisture- contains a solid made with pomegranate to pack in even more moisture
  3. Intuition Moisturizing Care Pack- the “original” Intuition razor

Overall, I have been very satisfied with Schick Intuition Plus Moisturizing Care Pack Razor System. It leaves my legs smooth while saving me some time in the shower and store by erasing my need for extra products.

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