Sephora by OPI nail polish

Sephora by OPI Nail Polish

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Sephora by OPI nail polish
High quality Sephora by OPI nail polish comes in a variety of shades, including classic red

Written by: Katherine Chen

There is nothing worse than taking an hour to do your nails—and then chipping them as soon as they’re dry! Make your hard work count by using Sephora by OPI nail polish, a high quality polish that won’t chip, is long-wearing, and comes in a variety of classic and trendy colors.

OPI is a well-known salon brand of polishes who has partnered with Sephora to create an exclusive line of colors that are sold at Sephora stores and the Sephora website. The quality of these polishes cannot be overstated—not only is the texture thick and smooth when applied to nails, but the polish itself lasts for weeks without chipping. The applicator brush has sturdy bristles that distribute the polish evenly, making a home manicure or pedicure easy. With an additional clear topcoat, my nails withstood chips for almost three weeks, even though I type on the computer all day at work and cook and wash dishes at home. I haven’t tested this polish on strenuous activities like yard work, but it’s likely to still hold up better than drugstore brands. To remove the polish, any brand of generic nail polish remover will suffice—and even better, the polish itself will not stain your hands, like with some cheaper brands.

Sephora by OPI comes in a variety of colors, including many limited edition ones. The ever-changing color selection is probably one of the best things about this line, because you can always find variations on your favorite shade, and season- and holiday-appropriate shades as well.

Summary of Pros:

  • Very chip-resistant, especially with additional top coat
  • Long-lasting up to three weeks
  • Smooth and thick high-quality polish
  • Nice applicator brush
  • Huge array of classic and fun colors

On the downside, Sephora by OPI is slightly pricier than other brands, at roughly $10 per bottle. While it is still much cheaper than other designer polishes that are sold at Sephora for $20 or more, there are also less expensive alternatives at your local drugstore or big-box retailer. In addition, if you fall in love with a certain shade, you better buy up a few bottles since new colors arrive and old ones get retired all the time. Lastly, this is not meant to be a fast-dry polish, so you must be careful to give yourself a little time when doing your nails, or else you might see some smudging.

Summary of Cons:

  • More expensive than average drugstore brands
  • Colors get retired semi-frequently
  • Some colors require more than one coat (for example special-edition shades with clear polish bases)
  • Not a fast-drying polish, so you must allow time for the polish to dry or risk smudging

If you are looking for a beautiful line of nail polishes that will give you long-lasting wear, look no further than Sephora by OPI nail polish. For a slightly lower price, the best alternative would be Sally Hansen polishes that can be found at stores like Target or Walgreens or CVS—these will give you good color but less chip-resistant nails. Sephora by OPI, with its rich color selection and durable finish, is probably the best $10 you can invest in beautifying your nails.

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