Sephora Collection Aruba Sun Disk Bronzing Powder #1314004

Sephora Collection Aruba Sun Disk Bronzing Powder 1314004

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Sephora Collection Aruba Sun Disk Bronzing Powder #1314004
Sephora Sun Disk Bronzing Powder in "Aruba"

Written By: Robin Comita

If you have a fair skin tone and aren’t a fan of fake tanning products but want a healthy looking glow, this is a good bronzer for you to purchase. One of its best features is the size and value offered for the price of $22. The sun disk is roughly the size of a DVD and contains 1oz 30g of product in its slim, black case. The top interior of the compact also contains a sizable mirror for easy application on-the-go.

The first time I wore this bronzer was with a low-cut white dress with thin spaghetti straps. Unfortunately, my sun starved skin nearly matched my dress in tone. Without the time and money for fake tanning, I opted to purchase the Sephora Collection Sun Disk Bronzing Powder in the shade “Aruba.”

The bronzer was the perfect compliment to my skin tone. I dusted my makeup brush two or three times in the powder and applied it to my face, neck and chest areas. The powder went on easily and without any mess. I was pleasantly surprised when I changed out of my dress several hours later and there were no orange marks or stains on the fabric.

The “Aruba” tone left my skin looking healthy with a subtle glow. I did not look incredibly tanned, but the color was enough to take the edge off of a long, rainy winter spent in Seattle, Washington.

Although the bronzer contains some shimmer in the case, the glitter was not noticeable when I applied it. I was especially pleased with the natural impression it gave as I didn’t appear to be wearing bronzer at all. Notably, the bronzer does not contain unhealthy and hazardous parabens, synthetic fragrances or mineral oil.

With a large enough brush, it’s a breeze to cover extensive area quickly and evenly, without any streaking or blotching. However, you will need to use a makeup brush to ensure wide and even coverage. Furthermore, the mirror comes in handy because the powder wears off rather quickly. On a busy day, the bronzer could require reapplication every few hours. The powder also has a light, rosy scent which might be unwelcome to some. If you have especially dry skin, powder bronzers can cling to some areas more than others, causing a splotchy effect. This color bronzer is not for medium to dark skin tones. For a wider variety of skin tones, a comparable product is the Sephora Collection Bronzer which comes in 5 unique shades.

If you’re looking for a natural, sun-kissed effect, this bronzer provides great value for your money and lasts a long time!

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