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Pic of Keen Venice H2 Sandal
What a beauty

Written By Pamela Honor

The Venice H2’s by KEEN have become the go-to sandal for all our summer outdoor activities.  Whether it a strenuous day hike  or a trip to the beach, the KEEN sandal keeps your foot comfy, supported and protected throughout.   The innovative design of this sandal was the result of its’ creators wanting to provide a summer-type sandal that was as solid and sturdy as a sneaker but could be worn without socks and the ‘hot foot” syndrome that is common when stuck in shoes that don’t let you feet breathe.  The Venice KEEN H2 along with the entire line of KEEN sandals give you the best of both worlds and I rave about them whenever I can.

I’m no  KEEN newbie and purchased my first pair over 7 years ago, when KEEN was just a baby in the sandal world.   We were planning a family trip to the magic Kingdom,  with 5 kids, and my first thought was our feet!   Hauling the kids and ourselves through the miles of FUN could have been daunting and miserable for feet not accustomed to so much walking.   I began researching GOOD sandals, not the kind that cost $7.99 on sale, and not flip flops or foo-foo-girlie sandals, but something that would work for our feet walking several miles a day in the 90 degree weather.  A  friend mentioned KEEN.     I’d never heard  of them but after doing some quick research it didn’t take a rocket scientist, (thank goodness because I failed rocket science in HS)  to see that the KEEN sandal would be perfect for our entire family.

So we outfitted our family in KEENs  sandals and it was one of the smartest decisions we could have made.  Available in so many colors and styles, there was something for everyone.  And given the amount of time we spent on our feet in hot weather and in both wet and dry enviromnents (can you say, “SPLASH MOUNTAIN?)   our feet never suffered.    Until . . . After 3 days at the park, I made the mistake of switching one day to a pair of open-backed mule-type tennies, just to mix it up.   But that was a huge mistake . . my feet were killing me by halfway through the day, and my legs and back became fatigued and strained.  What was the diff?

For the previous 3 days, I’d worn my Keens.   My legs felt great, my feet were not blistered, my back was happy.

That’s because the Keen’s have what is known as a metatomical EVA footbed, which to those of us non-rocket-scientists, means it’s made to position your foot, leg, hips, back, in the best posture possible, thus reducing strain and fatigue.   I learned the hard way, STAY in your Keens.   The next 2 days at the park found nothing else on my feet.

So, here are a few of the product features and the pros and cons  of owning your own pair.


  1. Metatomical EVA footbed AND molded midsole. . so so so comfy!
  2. AEGIS microbe shield treated hydrophobic (no more stinky shoes)
  3. Open strapping means great ventilation . . and the straps aren’t binding.
  4. They go in the wash . . seriously
  5. Awesome toe guard . . no more dinged up toes from bumping an open toe into the curb . . or elsewhere
  6. HUGE variety of styles, colors and looks!
  1. A little pricier than your average sandal
  2. That toe guard . it does not shout “fashion statement”  but it does shout “I’m a cool smart shopper girl and I know an awesome shoe when I see it”.  Oh yes it does say that.

As I mentioned, They were not cheap . . . almost nothing worth it ever is!   But 7 years later, I still have and wear that 1st pair of KEENS and they still look good!  The footbed is still firm and resilient, the straps are not broken, the soles are still solid and I just toss them into the wash to make them look almost new again.  After 7 years.  Seriously. Do the math . . divide the price (@ $100/pair by 7 and you see, TOTALLY worth it.

So if you’re ready to run out and buy yourself some KEENS, I say go for it.  You will not be disappointed.  My favorite style is the Venice H2 sandal, but there are many MANY other styles to check out!  And when you finally have a pair on your feet, you’ll be humming along with me,  “these Keens were made for walking”





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