The Brita Water Bottle

Brita Bottle – Filtered Water Bottle Review

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Written By: Rachel Amico

The Brita Water Bottle
The Brita Bottle, shown in Aqua.

Drinking water is one of the best ways to stay healthy, and stay hydrated, but drinking water on the go can be a hassle. From expensive plastic disposables to bulky Nalgene bottles, the price, size, and stale flavor often give us more reasons to NOT drink water. Well, it’s time to be thankful, because Brita – the authority on water filtration systems – has come to the rescue with its new filtered water bottle – the Brita Bottle.

The Brita Bottle looks like a regular water bottle – it’s made of squeezable plastic, has a slender shape for easy holding, and has a small rubber loop brandishing the Brita logo near the nozzle. But attached to the pop-top nozzle is a Brita filter that sits right inside the bottle! Like other Brita products the filtration system is effective in removing chlorine, and entirely eliminates bad odor or flavor from water

When I moved into my first apartment in the city, I immediately tried the tap. To my dismay, the water tasted horrible – full of whatever nastiness coated the old pipes. For a few weeks, I spent my money on buying disposable plastic bottles – until I noticed the Brita Bottle in my local drugstore. After squeezing a full bottle of water through the filter (as directed by user instructions – to remove carbon) I was amazed – the water from my tap now was crisp, delicious, and seemed like I had bought it from a store.

With the Brita Bottle, not only is the water filtered fresh – but the “flavor” of the bottle itself is entirely removed. I’m sure my fellow water drinkers are well aware of the horrible moment after taking a sip form a plastic bottle, and realizing that the bottle has sat in the sun for a bit too long – giving the water a horrible taste. The Brita Bottle truly lives up the trusted Brita brand, and the water is continually flawless. I never worry about having water or being thirsty when I’m out – after being completely parched and desperate, I found that the Brita Bottle even makes the tap water from a Starbucks bathroom sink taste amazing.

I had seen cheap filtered water bottles before – but never really trusted their effectiveness. I had also seen filtered bottles like the CamelBak Groove Filter Bottle, and the Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier on outdoorsy websites like, but these were very expensive ($25 and $49.95 respectively) and didn’t seem to fit my budget, or more domestic lifestyle. But I had a goldilocks moment when I found the Brita Bottle – it was a name I trusted and an excellent price – essentially, it was “just right”. A bottle only costs $9.99 (only $7.88 on and extra filters (which need to be replaced after 128 servings, 20 gallons, or roughly after two months of use) can be bought in a two pack for only $7.99.

All in all, this product is excellent. Economical, environmentally friendly (it is also recyclable), and providing a delicious end result – the Brita Bottle is ideal for any and all water drinkers. It even comes in four different colors – aqua, violet, navy, and green. Based on the user reviews on the Brita Website and on Amazon, most people are huge fans – and even end up buying them as gifts for co-workers and friends. As an owner myself, I would recommend everyone buy this product. It will get the job done, and give you good water without the expense or hassle of other bottles.

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