Food Process and Blender: Magic Bullet 25 piece Set

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"The Magic Bullet"
The Complete Magic Bullet Set

I used to be sick and tired of having  runny eyes every time I chopped an onion, but with my magic bullet I have no more tears. The Magic Bullet 25 piece Deluxe Set is my blender and food processor all in one . You can slice, dice, chop, mix and more in less than 10 seconds. It’s so easy to use that even the non-cooker can get the job done in the kitchen.

By a process called the “Cyclonic Cutting Zone ” food is circulated in and out of the cyclonic cutting zone.  All you have to do is place one of the bullet cups that comes in the set onto the base and push down for this process to begin.  The set comes with a three piece blender/pitcher, a power base that is compact, two resealable lids, two stainless steel blades and a few others pieces that you will find handy like lids and shakers.  The cross blade is used for grading and chopping, as well as blending. The flat blade can be used for grinding coffee beans and harder foods, and making homemade whip cream and my favorite, chocolate mousse. You also receive an awesome recipe book that shows you how to use the magic bullet set to make your favorite foods and drinks.  Even Heidi Klum uses the Magic Bullet.  She uses it to make baby food.

The pros of the set is that the mixer/blender has a power motor that is compact, a screw on lid that can be securely sealed, it does a great job of grinding spices and seeds, and with blended drinks you can drink out of the same vessel which means a quick and easy cleanup. The cons are that in some situations  the motor can get  very hot after usage and can take a few hours to cool, and after months the bushings of the shaft can wear out and become very noisy.

There is a smaller seventeen piece set that comes without the full sized blender, but both are around the same price.  Products like the Ninja  Master Prep Professional Blender Chopper and Ice Crusher which will cost a bit more than the bullet.  A cheaper version of the bullet is the Big Boss Blender 15 piece High Speed blender mixing system .  The deluxe Magic Bullet set all in all is an affordable and great product to have in the kitchen.

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