FoodSaver®V3250 Vacuum Sealer

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February 24, 2013 By: Debra Stoddard

Everyone wants to save a dollar these days, and now, it’s easier to save money than ever.  With the price of food on the rise, preserving food takes priority in the family budget.  What I love about the FoodSaver®V3250 Vacuum Sealer is how easy it is to use.  I was intimidated at first when I looked at the different models and options.  Once I opened the box, easy instructions on how to set up the machine were at my fingertips.  They even include a nice counter top sticker to guide the user every step of the way.  There are several customizable options that help determine how much of the sealing bag I needed to cut for each material.  The accessory hose works great if you purchase special bags or containers; however, I found it more cost effective to make custom bags and seal them for each item.  It seals excellent.  I sealed about 20 lbs. of meat into family sized portions in about 1 hour.  That one hour included me opening the box, reading the instructions, and sealing the meat into portions for a three person family.  The food sealer works so well my mother, which is not tech savvy, purchased the same model as this one. When I opened the meat sealed by the vacuum sealer, it was so fresh.  It has the same flavor and freshness as if I just purchased it at the meat market.  The only thing I had a problem with was when I vacuum sealed bread.  The instructions gave instructions for vacuum sealing bread, but I did not follow the instructions.  My loaf of bread turned into a bread bowl.  If you follow the instructions, the vacuum sealer locks in freshness.  The next time I followed the directions, and my bread was perfect when I opened it. 


Two speeds

Two sealing levels for moist or dry foods

Easy instructions

Hose attachments for vacuum sealer bags or containers

Easy latch and cutting capabilities

Suction cups on the base of the machine to avoid slipping



  • Saves money
  • Seals in freshness
  • Easy to use
  • Good price for vacuum sealer
  • Ability to create customizable bags
  • Storage for the vacuum sealer rolls


  • Bags and special containers are more expensive than the rolls

The FoodSaver®V3250 Vacuum Sealer is a great product.  I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to save money and lock in freshness before freezing food.  I would not recommend this for commercial use because the size is small, but for a family trying to save money, this is a great product.

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