Julie's Organic Ice Cream Vanilla and Chocolate

Julie’s Organic Ice Cream

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Julie's Organic Ice Cream Vanilla and Chocolate
Julie's Organic Ice Cream in Vanilla and Chocolate

Written By: Robin Comita

Worried organic ice cream won’t be as tasty as you’d like? Think again! Julie’s 100% organic ice cream is also 100% delicious!
I first tried this ice cream one year ago and it quickly became my favorite ice cream brand. When I buy Julie’s, I don’t have to worry about eating pesticides, preservatives or other icky chemicals because their ice cream is made from organically grown fruits, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and other spices. Furthermore, the cream they use comes from organically fed cows, which means you won’t be consuming as many hormones and antibiotics as you would if you ate non-organic ice cream.

The quality of the ingredients is in the taste. Each flavor of Julie’s ice cream that I have tried tastes delicious because the ingredients come from happy plants and animals. Thus far, I have eaten Julie’s pink peppermint, mandarin & cream sorbet, chocolate, mocha java, vanilla, blackberry, cookies & cream, vanilla and dark chocolate ice cream bars and coffee ice cream bars. I recommend every flavor, especially the vanilla and dark chocolate ice cream bars!

Furthermore, Julie’s ice cream makes an effort to be diverse. This means that in addition to their fabulous flavors, Julie’s also has a gluten-free round cookie sandwich and a 100-calorie Juliette for the diet conscious consumer. There are frozen yogurt and frozen yogurt bars, sorbets and sorbet bars, and non-dairy desserts offered as well. Of their frozen yogurt, Julie’s official website states, “Naturally, Julie’s frozen yogurt has all the goodness of yogurt with live and active cultures that help with calcium absorption and overall digestive health. Plus, our yogurts are rich in NutraFlora™ prebiotic fiber! Making it a treat that’s delicious, low in fat and good for you.” You may be wondering how ice cream could be healthy, as I was. Live and active cultures in food generally refer to probiotic cultures, which aid the function of the large intestine in addition to other health benefits. Probiotic cultures are common in yogurt, but not all strains survive in frozen yogurt and the amount will vary depending on the manufacturer. Julie’s strives to maintain these cultures in their frozen yogurt, which is a healthy aspect of the brand.

Julie’s is a family owned and operated company which has been in the ice cream business for the past 11 years. According to a rating by Spins, their vanilla ice cream sandwich is also the #1 selling organic dessert novelty in the United States. The only drawback to eating Julie’s is that their desserts are very delicious–you might find them difficult to put down!

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