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Written by Pamela Honor

I love sharing a cup of coffee with a friend at the local coffee shop, but was one of those poor deprived girls who had never learned how to make a decent cup of coffee in my own home.   So, I was thrilled to discover the Keurig Platinum Brewing System B70.   With absolutely no coffee brewing ability of my own, I am able to offer my guests a cup of coffee in less than a minute, and  be  confident that the end result will be delicious.

The unit itself is sleek and good looking in any kitchen, but it’s simplicity of operation is what makes it a must have appliance.   The K-cup brewing system makes it a breeze to select the coffee flavor that suits you at any particular moment.  With over 200 varieties of K-cups to choose from, you know that you are moments away from enjoying the hot or cold drink experience that you seek.

There are several styles of brewing systems, but from the most basic model to the fancy schmancy version like this Keurig Platinum Brewing System B70 you find that they all give you the same ease of operation.   Just decide what kind of coffee you want, set your coffee cup under the dispenser,  pop in a K-cup, push the size of drink you want, and count to 10.  It’s that fast and easy.

Among its many features, the best is the nice big water tank that means you don’t have to fill it up too often.  Plus the Quiet Brew Technology means just that, it’s quiet, and in the morning that’s something we can all appreciate.   Speaking of morning, this particular system, the Platinum Brewing System B70,offers programmable brewing, allowing you to set the timer so that your first morning cup of coffee is ready when you wake up.   And you’ll be waking up to the size of cup you want ready and the kind of coffee you specified.  It really is almost like your  local coffee shop, without having to jog down there to justify the extra shot of caramel syrup you’re going to add.

So, let’s look at a few of the pros and cons.  As I’ve already mentioned:


  1. It’s SO easy.
  2. It’s really good coffee
  3. You can choose from 200 varieties of K-cup flavors.
  4. There are multiple cup sizes to select from.


  1. K-cups are more expensive than regular ground coffee or beans.
  2. Hard water systems can cause problems with the systems.

You will pay more for the coffee at home, but if you compare it to your stop at the coffee shop, it’s way less and you’re in your own home.  I even keep a stash of my own coffee cups and lids.  When I want a coffee drink to take on the road, I brew whatever the mood calls for, and take it with me thus avoiding the $4+ stop elsewhere.

And, as for the hard water issues, just be aware that you can run vinegar water through your system every few months and avoid those problems.  But if you do run into problems, I speak from experience that the  Keurig company is a dream to work with.   Our first Keurig suffered from some kind of electronic malaise, likely due to our hard water, and a recent power outage and re-surge we had experienced.  But when I contacted Keurig about our options for repair, without a question, Keurig took our information, and immediately shipped us a new system.  Plus some K-cups.

So, if you’re thinking this all sounds pretty good, it really is.  Our kids love making their own hot cocoa, and I enjoy both my coffees and teas made on my Keurig Platinum Brewing System B70.

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