A plate of two soft pretzels

Kim and Scott’s Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels

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A plate of two soft pretzels
Kim and Scott's Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels come in pairs.

Written by: Stacy McCullough

I love carbohydrates: bagels, cakes, breads, cookies. When I learned I was allergic to gluten, the world of bread as I knew it was gone. Luckily, there are a few astonishing companies that make gluten-free products like Kim and Scott’s.  They recently released Kim and Scott’s Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels that taste almost like the gluten-filled kind.


Kim and Scott’s are known for their delicious gourmet pretzels and eco-friendly practices. When I heard they began making gluten-free soft pretzels I was really excited. Their gluten-free pretzels are made from a blend of grains that includes five grams of whole grams and five grams of fat per serving. Not too bad. The pretzels are also made with natural and premium grade ingredients so you know you are getting good food. While the factory the pretzels are produced in is nut-free, it is not wheat-free so there is a chance the gluten-free pretzels could be contaminated. In an effort to combat this, Kim and Scott’s randomly checks the pretzels for gluten contamination.


The pretzels are made from a blend of eight different flours including Tapioca, Rice and Potato among others. I think the main difference between the gluten-free pretzels and others is that fact that these are obviously not boiled. A normal, gluten-filled pretzel is boiled prior to baking to get that nice crisp outer shell with sheen.  With this step avoided, Kim and Scott’s gluten-free pretzels taste dense and bready. I would recommend making sure you have a good dip around to eat with it. But, if you cut the pretzel in half lengthwise, you get some really interesting sandwich bread. I also recommend adding the salt on the top – I normally don’t add salt to anything, but it really helps me feel like I am eating a pretzel.



  • Gluten-Free premade pretzel
  • Cooks in five minutes
  • Made from a company that supports charities and the environment



  • Not in many stores
  • A little expensive
  • Rather dense


While Kim and Scott’s are offered in stores throughout the country, the gluten-free ones have yet to make it to many. I had to order them online, which meant I had to pay shipping and buy a minimum of six boxes (twelve pretzels) that totaled $43. If the pretzels were awesome, I’d have no problem with that, but to just taste them wasn’t worth it. If you are really craving a soft-pretzel or want something fast, these can be a wonderful alternative. There is really no comparable product on the market yet. But if you have any cooking skills whatsoever, there are some really great recipes I would recommend first.

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