Enjoy a taste of the tropics in a can of Mauna Loa, Maui Onion and Garlic Macadamia Nuts.

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts, Maui Onion & Garlic, 4.5 ounce

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Have you been wanting to get away from it all? Are yearning for a beach vacation? Are you ready to say ‘Aloha’ in Hawaii? Taste a bit of the Hawaiian islands with Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts, Maui Onion Garlic flavor. The Mauna Loa brand is owned by Hershey’s but is all Hawaiian.


Enjoy a taste of the tropics in a can of Mauna Loa, Maui Onion and Garlic Macadamia Nuts.
Enjoy a taste of the tropics in a can of Mauna Loa, Maui Onion and Garlic Macadamia Nuts.


  • 1881 – The 1st macadamia nut tree in planted in Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • 1921 – The 1st macadamia nut plantation started near Honolulu, Oahu by Ernest van Tassel.
  • 1922- The University of Hawaii starts 20 years of research to find the best variety of macadamia nut.
  • 1946 – Mauna Loa establishes their 1st plantation of the Big Island.
  • 1956 – Mauna Loa produces its 1st commercial crop.
  • 1976 – Starts converting unused sugar plantations to macadamia plantations.
  • 2004 – Hershey’s buys Mauna Loa.
  • Present – Primary Plantation is in Hilo, Hawaii


  • According to Hershey, a daily consumption of 1.5 ounces of macadamia nuts may lead to an improvement in blood cholesterol levels
  • Unique Maui Onion and garlic flavor
  • The Maui onion is a small sweet onion variety grown on the Hawaiian island of Maui.
  • Dry roasted to bring out the rich, delicate taste of macadamia nuts
  • Refrigerate after opening to retain the flavor and quality
  • 4.5 ounces (127 grams)
  • Other delicious flavors include: Dry Roasted, Honey Roasted, Wasabi & Teriyaki, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Kona Coffee Glaze, and Butter Candy Glaze.


  • Taste of Hawaii
  • Proven company since 1946
  • Hershey premium quality macadamia nuts
  • Health benefits with the macadamia nut’s monounsaturated fat for improved cholesterol levels
  • Grown in rich, volcanic soil
  • Delicious flavor
  • Great snack for everyday or parties
  • Can’t eat just one
  • Healthy snack
  • Makes a great gift


  • Expensive
  • Only shipped in the United States
  • Small packaging size
  • High levels of sodium
  • Hard to find
  • Strong onion & garlic breath after eating. Chew a piece of gum afterward.

They may be high in price but the quality makes up for the price. The deep, delicious flavor that comes from growing in rich, volcanic soil can’t be beat. Daydream that you are on a South Pacific vacation to Hawaii with every bite into a Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut, Maui Onion & Garlic flavor. You won’t regret eating this snack every day or just for special occasions. Aloha!

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