Bag of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Food

Natural Balance Dog Food Limited Ingredient Fish and Sweet Potato NB4288 Review

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Bag of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Food
The Sweet Potato and Fish Formula has a reddish-orange label.

Written by: Stacy McCullough

Has your veterinarian told you that your dog has food allergies? Does your dog itch his eyes, have a rash or problems with bowel movements? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Natural Balance Dog Food Limited Ingredient Fish and Sweet Potato NB42888 may be for you.

My dog is allergic to chicken. When he eats it, his eyes tear up and itch and his nose runs. There are not a lot of dog food brands that don’t add chicken to their foods – even if it isn’t a main ingredient, it is often a filler. So I started feeding my dog Natural Balance Dog Food with Limited Ingredients. I chose Fish and Sweet Potato based on my vet’s recommendation. The brand also sells two other Limited Ingredient flavors with the Sweet Potato: Bison and Venison.  The reason this brand is so good is because the only meat ingredient with the fish is the fish. There are no grains added in at all, which means the dogs aren’t eaten gluten or other things their body doesn’t naturally digest.  There are also no artificial preservatives, flavors or bleached ingredients.  The sweet potato is great because it is high in potassium and gives my dog an extra boost of energy to run around the park for an hour.

Even at $40 for a 28lb bag of Natural Balance, I love knowing I am giving my dog high quality food. Being a small dog, the kibbles are a decent size and formed to help clean the tartar off of his teeth as he chews.  He also loves it: I feel him twice a day and each time that bowl is literally licked clean within a few minutes. Then he sits wanting more. This hadn’t happened with his previous food. And we are both happy that his eyes don’t itch and water anymore thanks to the limited ingredients.



  • High Quality Food
  • Limited Ingredients
  • Various Flavors to try



  • Expensive
  • Not available at every pet store
  • Potent fish smell


Whether your dog has allergies or you just want to ensure he has a good diet, Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Fish and Sweet Potato is a solid product to get behind and according to my dog, quite tasty. I have even started getting him Limited Ingredient treats. Other comparable brands such as Blue Wilderness and Science Diet and also great, but neither offers a grain free diet. And Blue Wilderness still has chicken. If you can’t afford the food or have a dog without allergies, then there are plenty of other brands out there. But I will be feeding my dog Natural Balance the rest of his life because I know it is a brand I can trust with his allergy.

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