Natural Granola Bars

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I always looked forward to seeing this logo in my lunch sac when I was a kid.  My parents always looking to eat healthy drilled a concept into my head: don’t trust the claims of health and natural ingredients, look at the label. Well as it so happens, you really should and when Nature Valley Snacks are brought to question they really are Natural Granola Bars. Lets look at a few Pros and Cons I have experienced by eating them and research I have done on nutritional value and cost.


  • 100% Natural Granola Bars
  • Quick and Convenient energy
  • Many are high in protein
  • The main ingredient is whole grain oats
  • Whole grains have good dietary fiber
  • Delicious
  • Two Bars in each container
  • Sweetened with sugar and honey instead of HFCS


  • Easy to go through a box
  • About 4 bucks for 6 of them
  • Not the best for people watching them carbs
  • A few fillers like soy lecithin
  • Allergic reactions to the nuts and seeds

So the product is actually pretty filling and easy to eat on the go. Brush the crumbs off before you talk to new girl in the office. Its good for people with hypoglycemia and those with fast metabolisms. Also for your kids lunches and for sports practices. Its easy on the stomach and it does wonder for energy during sports. Those of you looking to shed some pounds, maybe eat it on the way to the gym but try to dodge a lot of the simple sugars in it. Try and eat food that is even less processed than this rather. But its not so bad every once and awhile. A Natural Granola Bar beats a chocolate bar any day.

Now nutrition is always a very debatable subject and I have read at least 25-30 books on nutrition and healthy diets. Its just so hard in this fast paced society to prepare all the healthy meals that you should be eating. So we turn to the best amongst process food, though somewhat devoid of an array of nutrients they are still made out of very unprocessed ingredients compared to most Natural Granola Bars made by other companies. Such as Quaker’s Simple Harvest All Natural Multigrain Chewy Granola Bar which ended up getting discontinued. It has twice the saturated fat in it but otherwise is fairly comparable, it just cost to much for not much more than Nature Valley’s Natural Granola Bars.

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