So Delicious Dairy Free ICE CREAM PRODUCTS Not So Much

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Written by Pamela Honor

If you’re looking for a dairy-free, ice cream alternative, this SO DELICIOUS product will likely be a primary contender in your grocer’s freezer section.  It looks like ice cream, it has a nice picture of ice cream on the carton, and other shoppers standing nearby may tell you, “oh that’s good ice cream”.   But be warned . . . the SO DELICIOUS coconut milk, Dairy free, ice cream alternative, may not shout “So delicious” upon your first bite.

As I nagivated my way through the landmines of newly discovered lactose intolerance, I was on a mission to find something to replace my good old half-gallon of traditional, run of the mill NORMAL ice cream in my freezer at home.  I had gone to the store armed with a specific goal, find something yummy to eat without guilt or suffering.   There are many products now catering to the new sensitivities and needs for those who can’t eat a regular scoop on a cone, and the freezer section was full of them, but what to choose?  It wasn’t like I could snag a sample – this wasn’t Costco.  And I didn’t want to spent the premium price for the little quart and pint-sized offerings unless I knew what I was getting.

A friend of my daughter had happened by and she immediately picked up on my dilemma.  “Oh this one is SO Delicious, and it is really good”.  Having no reason to question her judgment, I felt both relief and elation . . I was going to have ice cream that night and it was going to be good. So confident was I in her evaluation of this product, I took the larger quart sized version.  I just knew it was going to be  THAT good, after all, it was So Delicious.

So, imagine my surprise, and disappointment and let-down when that night I cracked open the carton of So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla ice cream alternative (that long title should have given me a clue)  and was immediately and abruptly both shocked, and offended to taste the pricey ice cream that did NOT taste good, at least not to me.  It was actually pretty awful.  And after that first spoonful, it has sat in our freezer untouched for low these many months.  I may feed it to the cats someday, but for now, it is a painful reminder that I have yet to find a yummy ice cream alternative.

Now, if you absolutely have dairy intolerance and cannot even dream about dairy in your sleep without becoming fairly miserable, then your bar may be lower and this may be an perfectly acceptable alternative.   For myself, I can still indulge in the real stuff with only minor suffering to follow and sometimes, it’s worth the sacrifice.  But if you are hands-down, 100%, for now and always LACTOSE INTOLERANT, then this may be a taste you can acquire and get used to with some effort.  It does not taste like real ice cream, but it does share some similarities.  In fact here are a few PROS for this product:

  1. It is white,
  2. It is cold.
  3. The texture isn’t too bad.
  4. It is dairy free and resembles ice cream.

So, don’t take my word for it if you’re desperate for some options this could be that for you.  But you should know going in, that So-Delicious,  may not at first, seem So Delicious.   It could however, eventually become, “not too bad-alicious”  and in some cases, that’s enough.


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