The Best Fantasies are Made of Kraft Fantasy Fudge

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Written by Laura Rensing

As a connoisseur of fudge (which will probably lead me into early onset diabetes any day now), I have sampled fudge from all over: from store bought to homemade, from plain and pure to creative and unconventional, yet nothing could beat my mother’s secret recipe.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered my mother’s “secret” was that the recipe came from the back of a container Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallow Creme Fantasy Fudge.  The upside?  Anyone can fool their friends into thinking this easy-to-make fudge is Grandma’s secret recipe (unless they also have Jet Puffed Marshmallow Creme lying around).

A successful batch of Kraft Fantasy Fudge
These bite-sized pieces will go fast at a party!

The recipe, which can be found on the back of a Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallow Creme jar or on Kraft’s website is relatively simple to make (as far as fudge recipes go).  Fudge can be a bit tricky and requires an attentive chef at all times during the cooking process, but this recipe is simple and clear enough to remove most of the difficulties.  The cooking process itself goes by quickly (10-15 minutes at most), but you’ll want to leave plenty of time for the product to cool.  My family prefers are firmer fudge, so I usually leave at least five hours for the fudge to harden before serving it to friends and family.  For those of you who are not entirely comfortable with your boiling abilities, the site does include microwave instructions—to be attempted at your own risk of taste quality—but reviewers online have had success with the version.

I would suggest looking through the reviews of the recipe online for tip and twists on the original recipe.  Most reviewers (and my mother) recommend using a candy thermometer to make sure that the sugar is heated to the proper temperature and to prevent the mixture from burning, but the site is full of other tricks and tips too.  My favorite variation from one of the reviewer’s was mixing in peanut butter chips with the chocolate, but there are plenty of options out there!


Tastes like Grandma’s secret recipe

Easy to Moderate cooking difficulty

Easy to adapt to different add-ins such as nuts, peanut butter, and other toppings



A whopping 170 calories per serving…but at least you get 2% of your Vitamin A


The holidays are passing all too quickly, but you can make the return to work a little sweeter with some delectable desserts.  This fudge is easy to make and easy into fooling your friends into thinking you a master dessert chef.  You may have the back-to-work-blues, but who’s to say that you can’t have a little fantasy in your day?


Photos taken and edited by Laura Rensing

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