Thirsty? Fill up on the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

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Written by: Ben Miller

With the blazing heat of summer upon us it’s even more important to drink water regularly to stay hydrated. Drinking straight tap water can get boring every once in a while though, so instead of pumping it full of juice packs and powdered additives, why not try fruit infused water for a healthy change? The Prodyne Fruit Infusion is a 93-Ounce Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher which allows you to effortlessly make natural tea, lemonade or just flavor infuse your water.

Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher with lemon wedges
Make Lemon water easily with the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher


  • A clear acrylic pitcher that holds up to 93 ounces (80 oz. with tube inserted)
  • Removable fruit infusion rod with slots allowing for fruit flavors to mix with drink naturally
  • Infusion rod screws securely  into lid

Perfect for anyone who is conscientious about their health and getting natural fruits in their diet, the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher can add real flavor to your refreshment. Assortments of berries, citrus wedges, tea leaves and other herbs fit perfectly into the infuser, allowing you to customize your drink to any flavor and experiment with new combinations. When refrigerated the fruit remains viable for up to a week, meaning refills as much as you want, keeping a constant supply of lemon water or raspberry juice available. The clear design also makes for great eye-candy when full of delicious looking fruit.

Prodyne Fruit Infusion with Strawberry and  Raspberry Tea
Make your own combination of fruits for your juice and tea


  • Fruit keeps for up to a 7-10 days with refrigeration and  constant refilling
  • Sleek design and clear frame makes for enticing view for any table setting, countertop or picnic table
  • Allows for experimentation of fruit and flavor combinations


  • Takes some time for fruit and water to mix
  • Hand wash needed to fully clean rod and infusion slots
  • Must resupply fruit every week

No matter where you get yours a reasonable price range of $15 – $25 is to be expected. This is a quality device capable of providing delicious, nutritious and ascetically pleasing results, but if you want it to last then you need to take special care that it does. The pitcher and rod come completely dish washable, but the slots on the rod will need extra attention to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Using frozen fruits and berries is known to make the best and quickest infusions, thoroughly mixing with the water as they thaw. If you drink a lot of H2O and love fruit, why not try out this cheap and tasteful way of bringing them together. Great as a gift or as your own fruity decoration. Available at most home decor outlets like Bed Bath & Beyond and well as the Prodyne Online Store and

MDL#: FI-3

Dimensions: 93 oz., 2.9 Qt. (80 oz., 2.5 qt. w/tube).

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