Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Scrubbing Foam Review

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This product is difficult to miss at the grocery store.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

Who has time to hover over their bathtub while the cleaning agent does its work? Do you dread the awkward fifteen minutes squatting beside the toilet wondering if your expensive cleaner sat long enough to get out the grime? Kaboom Foam-Tastic’s color-changing bathroom foam lets you know the moment that it’s safe to scrub.

Kaboom’s new cleaning foam comes in an easily-stored 19 oz. aerosol can. Simply spray a thick layer of Foam-Tastic and when the cobalt blue bubbles turn white, you know that the chemicals have done all that they can do. Joined with the power of Oxi Clean, it seems like this product packs a mighty punch. Kaboom promises that no harsh fumes will ruin your spring cleaning while using their products and that it will not stain appliances or leave behind unwanted residue.

The perks of this product are self-evident. I picked up a can of Kaboom Foam-Tastic while moving out of my last apartment. It was an affordable $5.99. After a year of live-in grime, Kaboom quickly cut through shower scum and left my bathtub sparkling and I didn’t have to get on my knees and scrub. There were no gloves or steel-wool. Best of all, the foam really does change colors – although I was so intent to watch it change that the time I could have used cleaning other things was spent watching the blue finally turn white. When it was through, a quick rinse with a washcloth was all it needed.

Unfortunately, it seemed to have problems when it came to the porcelain toilet. After multiple applications of Kaboom, some stains it simply wouldn’t lift. While Kaboom boasts on their manufacturer’s site that there are no harsh smells like bleach, it seems that with the toned-down smell, the penetrating power of these bubbles has been taken down a notch as well. Where Kaboom failed, a quick dousing of Clorox had the stain that I struggled with for over an hour gone in minutes. In light of this, I recommend this product for use on tile and other well-coated plastics and ceramics.

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Do not let the minor shortcomings of Kaboom Foam-Tastic discourage you from buying this product if you want a quick and easy way to do some cleaning. For the price, it is still a decent cleaner if you don’t feel like frying your nose-hairs with harsher chemicals. Just keep in mind that for bigger messes: you get what you pay for.


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