Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow

Urban Outfitter’s 18″ Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow 18428151

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Written By: Jessica Mangiameli

Need more space for chairs in your apartment but there’s just not any room?  This can be a pet peeve for any entertainment hostess.  This problem is easily solved with Urban Outfitter’s 18″ tufted corduroy floor pillows.

Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow
These oversized floor pillows are the perfect solution for additional seating when there just isn't any room!

These pillows are meant to be scattered on the floor all across the room.  The oversized pillows provide a great new way to make seating more available to your guests. They’re perfect for men and women, big or small with their 18″ square frames.  Each pillow contains nine buttons on each side, giving the pillows the trendy tufted appearance.  When it’s time to move the pillows out of the way once the party is over, don’t fret, these pillows are easily stackable and give your apartment that relaxing urban feel.  These pillows are available in many color combinations (turquoise, yellow, grey, red, dark green, chocolate, navy, and purple).  I have the yellow, turquoise and purple pillows.  I can honestly say these pillows have saved my life a couple of times.  Whenever I have more guests over than I intend to, these pillows provide the perfect solution for additional seating.  Ordering several different colors is also a great way to brighten up your home.  The pillows are very comfortable and have a very soft corduroy texture, making them perfect for lounging around.  The pillows almost feel broken in when you purchase them.  However, after a while they start to lose a little bit of their cotton cushion.  Also, a couple of the buttons on the cushions have started to get loose.  For more durable floor pillows (yet also more expensive) I went to Pottery Barn and found a nice selection there.  These pillows can be purchased in the Urban Outfitters store or online at Urbanoutfitters.com


  • Provides additional seating
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in eight different colors
  • Available online or in the store (Urban Outfitters)
  • Lose cushion after a while
  • If purchased online, the product cannot be shipped internationally
  • Buttons may fall off

These pillows are a great addition for the typical, boring apartment.  They liven the room up while providing extra seating.  At $39 a pillow you certainly get what you’re paying for.  At a cheap reasonable price, you should know however, that you’ll probably be replacing the pillows sooner, rather than later.

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