60mm Deluxe Ergonomic Rotary Cutter (RTY-3DX)

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Written by: Julie Snyder

I began quilting in the dark ages…back when you used a ruler to mark your strips and a pair of scissors to cut them.

Then one day a friend introduced me to a new product. I became firmly hooked to the rotary cutter. I couldn’t imagine a product that I’d like better.

Fast forward a few years. My hands often became tired after cutting part of the pieces for a quilt top. I even changed hands and cut a while left-handed and then a while right-handed. Somehow the right-handed cuts were not as neat or precise. I thought I would just have to limit my craft time.

Thankfully another friend let me use her Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter. I cut and cut and cut and cut with no pain and no hand fatigue. Because it was a 60mm blade I could not only cut longer but cut more layers at the same time. I’ve never looked back and I don’t think you will either.

Olfa 60mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter
Olfa 60mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter


  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Simply squeeze the handle to engage the blade
  • Dual-action safety lock — open for comfort and closed for safety
  • The 60mm cutter handles multiple layers of fabric and difficult materials.
  • Can be used for industrial applications.
  • The blade is made of high quality tungsten carbide tool steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention.
  • Designed for both right- and left-handed user.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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  • Cuts cloth, fabric, paper, wallpaper, leather and photographs.
  • The larger size is wonderful for cutting heavier weight fabric and multiple layers.
  • Ergonomic design is more comfortable and ends hand fatigue so you can enjoy quilting and crafting longer!
  • It’s bright yellow so easy to spot on a clutter work surface.


  • It can difficult to use against a ruler without shaving off the edge of the ruler.
  • Replacement blades are expensive.
  • Changing the blades can be tricky but the newer models have a quick change feature with no more nuts and bolt, just a quick and easy slide feature.

I’ve found the Olfa Rotary Cutter to be the Guicci of the quilting universe. Beginners and instructor alike use it and love it. It’s sturdy, comfortable and just keeps on working. Mine has been across the nation, to workshops and retreats. I love its reliability and definitely would recommend the deluxe ergonomic 60 mm rotary cutter for all serious quilters and crafters.


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