A Beautiful Device: Samsung Vibrant Android Smartphone SGH-T959

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Written by: Christine Texeira

I have never been the person with a brand new, super exciting phone. In fact, I resisted change and avoided buying a new phone for quite a while—finding enough contentment in the basic call and text device to which I had become accustomed. But now that I have made the upgrade, I cannot imagine my life without the Samsung Vibrant Android Smartphone SGH-T959.

Samsung Vibrant Front, Back, and Side Views
Vibrant every which way.

This phone’s Super AMOLED touchscreen, though not its only functional and impressive feature, is certainly the most obvious. This touchscreen is anti-reflective and incredibly responsive, making the onscreen keyboard an easy-to-use tool. It comes preloaded with the movie Avatar and a number of fantastic apps that take advantage of its brilliant display.  The 4” screen occupies almost the entire front of this sleek, ultralight (4.16 ounces) phone. Surrounding the media-friendly screen is a strong plastic casing. My Vibrant has taken a number of hard spills that it has withstood without dents or dings. There are four stationary buttons beneath the screen to keep the menu, home, back and search buttons always handy.

Reminiscent of the iPhone the Samsung Vibrant Android Smartphone SGH-T959 (of Samsung’s Galaxy series) is lightweight, looks attractive and is meant to be the answer to your deepest multimedia desires. It runs with Samsung’s 1GHz Hummingbird processor, so things not only look good, they run well too. There is the potential for seven different home screens, which can be easily navigated with horizontal finger sweeps, and are all customizable with widgets and apps of your choosing. And, in case you’re interested, I’ve had no issues with the primary purpose of this phone—making and receiving calls.

But where there is beauty there must be a beast. So, what’s wrong with this Android? Many users have expressed discontent with Vibrant’s GPS features. It does load slowly, and often has trouble finding “My Location,” but for some the work necessary to run the GPS freezes the phone entirely. When you’re lost it is definitely not the ideal time to wait on your phone to start up. I have also found the only time I have problems with touchscreen reaction is within the maps and GPS feature. This phone is also missing a front-facing lens and a flash for its 5 mega pixel camera.

In the end, the Samsung Vibrant Android Smartphone SGH-T959 has so much going for it, it would be a shame to overlook it because of potential glitches and the lack of a few camera extras. If you want a phone to be a phone, and just a phone—then I would advise you to avert your eyes from this media masterpiece and look for something less willing to do everything you could want it to do. If you’re a fan of easy access to the web, e-mail, friends, music, video, and games then you have to consider letting the Samsung Vibrant into your life.

If the Vibrant is close, but not quite right, consider the newer Samsung Infuse 4G Smartphone, the HTC Sensation 4G, or the HTC EVO 3D.

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