Adorama Slinger bag, Single Strap Backpack/Shoulder Bag

Adorama Slinger Bag, Single Strap Backpack

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Written by Leslie Foss

This Adorama Slinger bag, Single Strap Backpack/Shoulder Bag is made for carrying your camera and small camera accessories.  It’s made of waterproof nylon and has moveable compartments using velcro flaps.  The company says the design is ergonomic and versatile, with the shoulder strap easily going from shoulder strap to backpack.  There is an inside flap for small things like photo cards, and another two zipper pockets at the front of the bag for the rest of your gear.  The main compartment is 10″x 10″ x 4.”  Four D-rings were added for attaching more things, and three snap locks ensure the bag is closed.  The flap-over style ensures your camera gear stays dry.  A back pocket, somewhat hidden, is good for plane tickets, a passport, or other valuables.  Cost: about $39.

Adorama Slinger bag, Single Strap Backpack/Shoulder Bag
Adorama Slinger bag in gray.

Pros:  I definitely have enough room for all my camera gear such as batteries and lenses.  The movable velcro flaps are convenient for fitting large or small lenses.  A trusty handle on the top makes carrying easy, and the large strap is easy to sling on the shoulder.  The three buckles are easy to snap apart or together to quickly pull out my camera.  I like that there’s some velcro on the flap to hold it closed in case you don’t have time to re-snap it closed (and when you see a good shot, who’s thinking about their camera bag?).

Cons:  This bag is boxy, which makes it awkward when you have it on.  You bump it into things.  The weight of the bag starts to feel uneven on your single shoulder, and I don’t consider this way of wearing it “back pack.”  The mesh pockets might be big enough for a very small bottle of water, but they are small and I would only try to put my sunglasses in them, a lens cap, or my lip balm.  As far as looks, I don’t think it’s especially stylish; it;s black with gray piping, and as I mentioned, in the shape of a box.  Not really something I would call cute, cool, or any other accolades you might bestow on a stylish bag.

To sum up, the Adorama Slinger bag, Single Strap Backpack/Shoulder Bag  was made to be an all-in-one, versatile camera bag you can wear different ways.  It WILL carry your camera and keep it safe from the elements, and it holds a lot, but it lacks in comfort and style and the shape is awkward.

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