Canon EOS 5D Mk II – DSLR IMN: 2764B003 Review

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– By Kelly McCrillis

Finally, Canon has made a high quality D-SLR  for photographers and videographers alike in its succession of the 5D series. The EOS 5D Mk II is for professionals, or amateurs who want the best quality for the price ($2,199.00).


The 5D series, popular among Canon users in the past, has been especially popular among the wedding photography crowds. With the Mk II, this won’t go away, it will just expand to everyone else. With it’s 21-megapixel CMOS sensor (full-frame), 41.1 µm² pixel size, and native 5616 x 3744 resolution, there is no pixel left unturned.

Now, you are getting some of the best picture quality for the price in the EOS 5D Mk II, better than Canon’s EOS T3i or T2i  (especially in low light areas). On the flip side however, you are also paying a significant amount more. The T3i usually runs around $700, and the picture quality is extremely close to the 5D Mk II. The color correction, low-light shooting, and detail is where the 5D Mk II comes through for you.

The color depth created at 23.7 bits is more solid and vivid than any other camera I have owned. Added to this, if you are looking to shoot in low light, the noise at high ISO is minimal. However, the ISO boost offered here isn’t as impressive as the more expensive models (resting at 25,600 ISO).

If you are looking for the most shots in the shortest amount of time this isn’t necessarily the way to go. It improves over the 3 fps of the original 5D, boasting 3.9 fps. This, however, comes nowhere close to the rapidity of the lower priced 7D, which snaps at 8 fps… it’s just comes down to what you’re going to be shooting in the end.

Like most Canon DSLRs down the EOS line, your viewfinder is there for the washed out display screens; however, the 5D Mk II falls a little short on the scale at only 98%. This is an improvement over the %96 of 5D past, but still below average for the line.

Also, and I know most of you out there love having a little image stabilization when you’re on the move, unfortunately you will find nothing of the sort with the Canon 5D Mk II. Too bad, so sad.

Canon 5D Mark II Chart
Canon 5D Mk II Chart


  • The Canon 5D Mk II captures video in high quality HD 1080p.
  • Set the frames per second to: 1080p at 30fps, 480p at 30 fps, or if you want that true film quality 1080p at 24 fps.
  • Unfortunately, no autofocus.
  • Built in monoaural microphone for recording.
  • HDMI output for video monitors.

All in all, the main reason I have loved the Mk II for video is the quality of the shots and the ability to shoot at 24 fps.  The lack of autofocus is only troublesome when it comes to lots of movement.

Actually, when I picked up the Canon 5D Mk II, I found it to be a little heavier, in a good way. The weight only adds to the comfort. The body itself weighs in at 810g (1.78 lbs). The 3″ display on the back is a great improvement over the 2.5″ of the original 5D. I myself am not a fan of the swivel display, but those of you who are, will be missing out on the 5D Mk II.

This conception also boasts much better weather sealing, and in my experience, has lived up to it’s boasting.

I would suggest carrying an extra battery (as usual), but especially if you are shooting video. The particular lithium-ion (LP-E6) battery is pretty average in handling shots (clocking in at about 850 shots per full battery). I have found that I can squeeze out a couple extra shots, but when shooting video, I run out much quicker.


  • Image quality is the best for the price.
  • 1080p video quality at 24 fps
  • Impecable low light shooting
  • Weather-sealed to shoot in extreme conditions
  • Extremely ergonomic


  • No autofocus or image stabilization
  • Slow continuous shooting (3.9 fps)
  • Average battery life (850 shots)
  • One storage slot for Memory Card
  • Only 9 focus points

If you want to shoot some serious video or photos, and want to spend under $5,000 doing it, this is one of the best deals you can get.It lacks some of the extras like 8 fps continuous shooting and image stabilization, but has everything you need as a professional, or amateur looking to beef up their game. The Canon EOS Mk II shoots beautifully, for filmmaking or photography; it’s hard to ask for a better camera for the price.

(model number: 2764B003)

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