Canon PowerShot G12 Review

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Written by: Suleman Sultan
After years of using the limited features of a compact camera while simultaneously dragging around a bulky DSLR, which took more time to set up than it did to take a good picture, I finally discovered a camera that brought both worlds together.
The Canon Powershot G12 combines the small size of a compact camera with the full manual controls of a DSLR. Solving two problems with one shot!

What sets the G12 apart, and in most cases above its competitors, is the G12’s manual control dials. I found that I could easily adjust the exposure, ISO, and Flash Power dials instantly without having to go through a digital menu. The dials are all placed conveniently on the side and front of the camera, allowing quick access for perfectionists and professionals.
Besides the manual dials, the Canon’s G12 boasts a 28-144mm zoom lens, an articulating LCD screen (great for taking pictures of yourself), a movie mode that captures HD footage at 720p, and the ability to take HDR footage.


After using the G12 for about six months now, I have come up with a Pros and Cons list.
• Great image quality even in low light
• Accepts additional attachments (such as a shoe mount flash)
• Excellent ergonomics (manual dials and controls)
• Articulating LCD screen
• Good video quality (HD 720p at 24-fps)
• Lots of image effects and adjustments
• Most importantly “Just the right size”
• Lack of lens attachments (but then again it’s not an interchangeable lens camera)
• Video capture, although good, lacks full controls like zoom and auto focus
• HDR feature neat to have, however I achieved far better HDR effects using Photoshop
• Only a slight improvement from its predecessor the G11

The Canon Powershot G12 is meant to be in-between a compact digital camera and a DSLR. From my experience it fits exactly where it’s meant to be. “No” it doesn’t have 1080p video recording. “No” it’s not that small to fit perfectly in a shirt pocket, but that’s the point. It was designed to be that way. With all the features and dials that it offers it’s like a smaller version of a DSLR and for the price (averaging $400) it’s worth every penny. Its competitors like the Nikon Coolpix P7100 ($330) and the Olympus PEN E-PL2 ($400) offer some better features and lenses but the G12’s design and manual controls make it more versatile and allows for more creativity.

In the end, Canon’s PowerShot G12 stands alone ahead of the competition and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a relatively small camera with the manual controls of a DSLR in a camera that will not tire your hands out.

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