The Boulder falls to ground as I let it go.

Casio G’zOne Boulder Cell Phone

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Written By: Tom Malone

If you’re like me, you probably drop your cell phone about eight times a day, hoping each time that your phone doesn’t explode. The Casio G’zOne Boulder passed a series of military standards tests, including water, humidity, and drop resistance. That sounds like a match to me.

I submerged the Boulder into a glass of water. During its swim, I got a phone call that I answered with no consequence. The phone dropped from about eight feet and landed on concrete, carpet, and still with little damage done to the rugged exterior or the phone’s functionality.

The Boulder falls to ground as I let it go.
I drop the Boulder onto the ground while standing on a chair.

The phone features an intense, bright flash that might as well be a medium-sized flashlight. It was brighter than my home flashlight by far. The built-in navigation system (compass) serves as neat survival tool for a cell phone user lost in the forest.

The Casio G’zOne series makes durable phones, but they don’t make them sleek. The Boulder is a bulky device. When using the extended-life battery that comes with the phone, it nearly becomes a burden. The normal battery provides about enough energy for a day (207 minutes with constant use and 212 hours with no use). The Boulder’s speaker can be annoyingly scratchy as well, though it can get extraordinarily loud.

G’zOne offers a series of Military Standard 810G tested phones, including the Brigade and the Commando. Motorola produces the i576 that also passed the same military tests. The i576 and the Boulder are similar in price. The Samsung Rugby II price ranges drastically depending on contract situations, but it is also Military Standard 810G approved.

The Boulder comes in black or orange. It has video and photo features and potential music-playing capabilities. The Boulder allows the uses of “push to talk” and has the potential for internet connection as well.

In the end, Casio G’zOne Boulder walks the walk. Though it may be a little pricey (around $130), it nearly eliminates the need for a replacement for a dropped or drowned phone. And you never know when you might need a flashlight and compass. Whether you’re a mountain climber, construction worker, or professional butterfingers, the Boulder will survive.

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