Coleman Quad LED Lantern

Coleman Quad LED Lantern 2000001150 Review

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Coleman Quad LED Lantern 2000001150
The Coleman Quad LED Lantern 2000001150 is perfect for overnight outdoor adventures, or as extra lighting during power outages.

Written By: Erin Marty

There’s no more need to fumble around for a flashlight when you have the Coleman Quad LED Lantern 2000001150. Whether you’re at the house and the power has kicked off, or you’re camping in the back-country with a group of friends, with this lantern you have the reassurance of 24 5 mm LED lights at your hands.

Coleman Quad LED Lantern 2000001150 Features:

  • 75 hours run time
  • Four detachable light panels
  • Each panel is equipped with 6 LEDs
  • All panels turn on/off at once via master switch
  • Light range of 26 feet
  • (24) 5 mm white LEDs
  • Five year warranty

The Coleman Quad LED Lantern 2000001150 offers a versatile lighting system that you can use indoors or out. As one lantern, it provides 190 lumens of light for any camping experience or any event that may call for more than just a flashlight. Along with its full lantern form, this unique tool also offers four separate panels. The debatable lights lend a helping hand for individuals, particularly if you find yourself camping with a group of friends who need more than one light, or different rooms of the house need to be lit at the same time during a power outage. Every panel is equipped with its own handle perfect for hanging or holding, a NiMH battery which will charge once placed back with the lantern base, and six 5 mm white LED lights that will last for 1.5 hours on their own. When placed back together, the Coleman Quad LED Lantern will last approximately 75 hours with a light range of 26 feet.

This is truly a superior lighting system that illuminates anything from your tent to your campsite. Thanks to its bright 24 LED lights and its unique four-in-one lighting unit capable of separating for individual use, it provides light to any dark environment. You might want to pass this up if you’re not a person who loves to camp and you can settle for a dim flashlight instead of a sophisticated lighting tool like the Coleman Quad LED Lantern. But this lantern is definitely an essential for outdoor lovers who yearn to experience nature without the hassle of stumbling blindly around on late night trips to the bathroom.


  • Four individual lights that are portable
  • Panels recharge once placed with base unit
  • Long run time (approximately 75 hours)


  • No dimmer switch
  • On/off master switch and panel switches are hard to find in the dark
  • Requires eight D batteries (not included)

Because you can detach the four individual lights, this lantern is perfect for group outings. It’s also handy if the powers goes out in your house and you need to place lights in separate rooms at once. Once placed back with the original lantern, each panel will recharge, and the whole unit runs a good 75 hours. But to actually get the lantern started up in the first place, you will need to purchase eight D cell batteries on the side, as these are not included. For those wanting a bit more control when it comes to the brightness of the lighting, the Coleman Quad LED Lantern may be disappointing in that it does not come with a dimmer switch. It can also be a hassle scrounging around for the on/off switches.

For those looking for a quality lantern in a smaller size, the Micro Quad LED Mini Lantern 2000006666 is also available by Coleman. Like its big brother, this product also comes with four detachable lights that will last a whopping 9 hours and 45 minutes each. Combining them will provide you with 77 lumens of light that can run for 32 hours. If you need a lantern but find the idea of four panels a bit too much, then check out the Coleman 4D XPS LED Duo Lantern 2000002653, similar to the Quad LED Lantern but with two separate panels instead of four. This trade-off provides you with twelve 5 mm white LED lights per panel – a perfect lantern for two people.

With its unique four-in-one detachable panels, its 24 LED lights, and a long running time to ensure plenty of illumination, the Coleman Quad LED Lantern 2000001150 is the perfect light that the whole family can use on camping trips, outdoor adventures, or just at the house when the power goes out. 

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