Dyson DC 23 Motorhead Vacuum

Dyson DC23 Motorhead Review

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Written by: Kiley Jacques
Dyson DC 23 Motorhead Vacuum
The Ultimate Modern Dust Sucker
Tired of fur balls making their escape? Does sunshine through the windows reveal the dirty reality of your floors? If so, consider purchasing the Dyson DC 23 Motorhead Vacuum. This transformer-like unit makes that weekly chore a rewarding experience. Boasting unique features like its bagless canister, cyclone technology, and washable HEPA filter traps – this vacuum is clean and sleek.
At once compact and maneuverable, the Dyson DC 23 Motorhead offers a nice solution to common complaints associated with other vacuums. Those pesty bags are gone – replaced by a clear, durable polycarbonate canister. Yes, it needs emptying, but it’s easily done and you won’t need to touch anything undesirable.
What makes the Dyson Motorhead different from customary vacuums is its promise to rid floors and rugs of micro dust particles; it does. The results are noticeably better than those of the average vacuum, as they should be at a cost of $599. Another of its wonders is its lack of hack-producing smells and output (because a vacuum is suppose to suck, not spit right?)
Dyson makes a number of canister vacuum models including the DC 26 Multi floor, DC 23 Animal, and DC 23 Turbinehead. The Motorhead is distinguished by its motorized brush bar specially designed to remove pet hair from rugs.
  • Telescopic Wrap System for easy storage
  • Motorized Brush Bar for constant floor contact and easy steering
  • On Board Tool Storage for easy accessibility
  • Many available attachments and accessories for versatile use
  • Lightweight and compact for easy use on stairs
  • High Efficiency Airways to maximize air flow and minimize blockages
  • Auto Cable Rewind for fast disassembly
  • Floor Friendly Wheels to avoid damage to vulnerable surfaces
  • Washable Filter for environment friendly clean-up
  • Compact Unit Makes for Easy Storage


  • Excellent design with storage and ease of use in mind
  • Environmentally friendly and clean to handle
  • Lightweight
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Made by quality manufacturer

Some Cons:

  • No longer available through Dyson site
  • Hard to operate on longer rugs
  • Attachments insufficient for getting under some furniture
  • Expensive

    Motorhead Assembled for Upright Use


Less expensive canister vacuums  include models by Hoover, Panasonic, Oreck, and Dirt Devil, but if you want a quality product that will rid your home of those unwanted pets called dust bunnies, then the Dyson DC 23 Motorhead is worth the expense.

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