iHome iH6 iPod Dock and Speaker System with Alarm Clock

iHome iH6 Clock Radio and Speaker System for iPod

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Written By: Tom Malone

What is the best way to play your iPod’s music at home? The iHome Clock Radio and Speaker System solves this problem in an effective and affordable way.

iHome iH6 iPod Dock and Speaker System with Alarm Clock
The iHome iH6 iPod Dock fits into any corner of the house.

Its iPod speakers sound amazing and the music can get pretty loud. The bass thumps and the tones and pitches sound crystal clear. Each Strontium-Ferrite speaker has its own chamber for optimal sound projection. The iHome iH6 features both FM and AM radio options along with iPod dock capabilities. Your iPod charges while it’s docked and it can play music at the same time.

The iH6 comes with an alarm clock option. Its “gentle wake” mode allows the volume of your alarm to rise gradually, which peacefully woke me up. The actual alarm sound can come from the iPod, radio, or buzzer. Along with “gentle wake”, the iPod dock features a “gentle sleep” mode for those of you who like to fall asleep to music. The volume slowly decreases and eventually turns off, allowing for a quite rest. The clock is easy to set and it has a daylight savings time feature for those like me who get confused as to which way to set the clock in the fall and spring.

I can access nearly every feature on my iHome iH6 remotely as well. It comes with a remote control with a big range and lots of buttons.

The stability of the iPod once it’s docked can be a little concerning. One well-placed bump of the actual iPod can knock it to the floor. The iH6 packaging has special molds for each type of iPod used, but its security didn’t dazzle me. The faintest radio noise can be heard when the room is completely silent, which can make it hard to fall asleep when not using the “gentle sleep” mode. I still can’t figure out how to turn it off.

The Sony RDP-X50IP Speaker System provides similar sound quality, but does not come with a radio, clock, or alarm feature and it’s nearly double the price of the iH6.

All-in-all, the iHome is the ideal way for the casual iPod music listener to play music. It’s affordable (Under $100) and it fits neatly into just about every corner of the house. Let’s get the party started!

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