Knog Frog 1-LED Bicycle Light

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Written by: Sarah Moshontz de la Rocha

efficient, affordable, and cheap - what's not to like?
she’s a little tike, ain’t she?

The Knog Frog, also known as the hipster cyst, is a sleek-looking single LED bicycle light. They are versatile – the design allows them to be placed anywhere on your bicycle, helmet, or body. Designed by Knog, an innovative Australian based company, this bicycle light is one of the most affordable and stylish available on the market at just under $20 (or $30 for two).

Because of the single light, the Knog Frog is best used for visibility. It’s not intended to light up the road. The battery will last up to 160 hours in flash mode, and is easily changeable. I’ve been using these for three years and I have never had a problem with them. I usually bike in the city and there’s enough ambient light that the roads are visible, and the frog is bright enough that cars can see me. If you’re interested in brighter lights, Knog also offers lights with two, three, four, and five LEDs. They will also be releasing high powered lights for US distribution soon.

Easy to travel with, easy to attach, bright for it’s size, I have been overall satisfied with the product. It has rave Amazon reviews, though those interested in something to light up the road – this is not for you! It received a bit of backlash in the wake of the hipster fixed gear trend – it’s a discrete lamp that won’t tarnish the aesthetic of your bicycle, but no one can deny that it’s a well-made product.

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