Knog Frog LED Strobe Bike Light

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Knog Frog LED Strobe Bike Lights
Knog Frog LED Strobe Bike Lights

Every cyclist has had it happen to them. You’ve got a bicycle, somewhere to go, and no lights. Well, actually someone has lights you could use, but they need a mounting bracket — one that’s not on the bike you need to use. In a pinch like this, I’ve even tied a flashlight to my handle bars with twine (not recommended). This situation is the reason Knog Frog LED stobe bike light came into existence. No brackets. No screws. Just a thick silicone band and a powerful LED strobe. Problem solved, whoever’s bike you’re riding.

Bike lights are hard to get excited about spending your money on. It’s not like you’re picking up a high-performance wheelset or some Dura Ace components. They’re just are a necessary expense that helps keep you safe. But then, of course, even bike lights have so many options. There are varying lumen outputs. High-powered beams and row LEDs. What’s the best for the money? The answer depends on where you are and what kind of biking you do.

If you need something that lights up the road on a dark trail, you need more than an simple bike light like this one, which is better described as a safety light than a headlight. I have a Planet Bike Beamer mounted on my daily commuter. It’s higher powered and would light up pavement even in the dark. But it also cost me $30 not including a rear light. And the prices just go up from there.

If short trips around town are your thing, Knog’s Frog LED strobe bike light will work just fine. For me it’s ideal because I ride more than one bike. So no matter which one I hop on in the morning, attaching the light is only a couple seconds. I also like that they don’t detract from the minimalist style of my bike, which mounting brackets clutter anyway.

Knog’s Frog LED strobe bike light works great for those looking for something inexpensive to alert drivers to their presence or just want a light that’s ready for any bike. The sets usually come in translucent or black, but the light is available in 12 colors. Also, if you want something brighter, Knog offers other self-mounting bike lights in more powerful (and more expensive) versions that offer more lumens like the Planet Bike light I mentioned earlier.

Knog Frog LED Strobe Bike Light
Front Knog Frog LED Strobe Light


  • Slim profile that doesn’t detract from the look of your bike
  • No mounting bracket necessary
  • LED bulb lasts 80 hrs flashing
  • Waterproof


  • Not bright enough to light up road
  • On/Off switch can be sensitive, so you’ll want to make sure it’s off when storing.

Many brands make an inexpensive option that isn’t super bright like this one. I’ve used the cheapest front and rear set from Cateye, which is similarly priced to Knog’s Frog LED strobe set for about $30. It worked pretty well. Planet Bike also has an inexpensive set. But neither of them offer a version like Knog with a self mounting piece you can easily take on and off. Some models claim their brackets don’t require tools and can be removed in seconds, but it’s always more complicated than that, and repeated removal would easily crack one of the plastic parts.

Is the Knog Frog for you?

It’s light, it’s inexpensive, it’s easily removable, and thanks to silicone construction, it’s pretty indestructible. If you bike dark roads and trails, the Knog Frog LED Strobe Bike Light is probably a poor choice. However, urban bikers looking for minimal design and quick self mounting will enjoy this inexpensive LED light.

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