Krystal Fantasy Triple stimulation vibrator by Pipedream

Krystal fantasy triple stimulator – by Pipedream – PD137612

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Written by: Christel Grady

Bored with your sex life? Want to try something new? Then this triple stimulation vibrator by Pipedream, the Krystal Fantasy – PD137612 is the right choice for you!

Krystal Fantasy Triple stimulation vibrator by Pipedream
Krystal Fantasy Triple stimulation vibrator by Pipedream - PD137612

I purchased this vibrator in January via It quickly became my new favorite. I love the fact that it’s water-resistant, which means it holds up just fine in the shower or even the bathtub. This vibrator is also great fun to use with a partner, provided your partner is into that sort of thing.

My favorite part: the smiley face on the head. Eerily, it reminds me of Aunt Jemima’s syrup, which is mildly disturbing at first, but with one use, you will quickly forget about the cute, little face.

It was a splendid deal at $22.99, and even came with a free gift when ordering online! Plus, by ordering online, I didn’t have to suffer the humility of browsing around in an adult toy shop.

This vibrator is jelly-like, multi-speed, and takes only two AA batteries. So far, I haven’t had to replace the batteries once!

It’s purple (obviously), is 8.5″ in length, with an insert-able length of 5″, and weighs only half a pound.

The customer reviews on were a mixed bag of good and bad, but I would definitely purchase this again if needed. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. However, you can find similar products on

Comparable to:

Hot Rabbit Vibrator and Double Power Dolphin Vibrator,

So log on to, and buy something fun! Even better, when your package arrives, the box doesn’t say anything about “sex toys”, so your mail carrier will be none the wiser. Enjoy!

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