Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Trainer Review

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Are you tired of dealing with cat litter? Are you sick of scooping? Fed up with the constant smell and litter tracking around the house?  The answer is simple! The Litter Kwitter is the solution for you! The Litter Kwitter is a system that trains your cat to use the toilet! That’s right, your cat will use your toilet.

The Litter Kwitter is an award-winning system with three easy, simple steps. It was developed by animal behaviorists, vets and breeders so that it plays to a cat’s natural instincts.

The Litter Kwitter comes with a universal base plate that fits all standard toilets, and three training disks (red, orange and green). A 30 minute DVD is including that gives you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use Litter Kwitter and toilet train your cat. It was designed to completely eliminate the need for litter. Not only is the system easy to use, but it’s also much more hygeinic. You never have to worry about germs being spread by tracked litter around the house.

I have used this system on both my cats and it works! (Yes, you can train more than one cat at once.)  They say most cats figure out and adjust to this system within 8 weeks. My cats adjusted very well within 6. First, you keep the base plate with all rings on the floor. This gets the cat used to using the rings. After a time, you put the base plate and rings on the toilet to get them used to using it in that area. After a little more time at this stage you remove the inside ring (the red ring). This will leave a little hole in the middle of the system. The cats will continue to use the orange and green bands and sometimes miss into the hole. You then remove the next ring (the orange ring) so that only the outer, green ring remains. Many cats, including mine, at this stage will completely miss the green band and go straight into the toilet every time. Once your cat or cats are used to this, you can completely remove the Litter Kwitter and there you have it. No more litter.

This system is preferred by many over other competing products. The CitiKitty offers a similar system but comes with many complaints. It is cheaper but it is made out of a cheaper, less sturdy plastic. The rings will often shake under a cats weight and dissuade cats from using the system altogether. Also, it does not have rings that you can attach and remove. Instead you have to cut out the rings yourself. You can cut to thin or to wide and of course, cannot reattach if you remove part of the ring to soon, before your cat has time to adjust.

Any toilet training system however will result in some unfortunate cons. When your litter is in the rings, wither on the floor or on the toilet, litter inevitably will get spread on the floor and on the toilet rim. At first you will have to be more vigilant about cleaning more often. The rings also are shallow, cats cannot bury their poop, therefore you have clean more. But this is totally worth the extra effort to never have to deal with litter ever again!

The Litter Kwitter is a wonderful product. It is well made and well worth the money and time spent. Just imagine a world without litter! No more scooping, no more smells, no more tracked litter around the house spreading germs. It is hygienic, easy to use and awfully cute!!


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