MacBook Air 11 inch

MacBook Air 11 inch 128GB Laptop Review

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Written by: David Whitehouse

MacBook Air 11 inch
Apple MacBook Air 11 inch Laptop Computer

Tired of lugging around your big laptop all the time and looking for something that is easily portable?  Well look no further than the MacBook Air 11 inch 120GB!  This compact laptop will solve all your computer traveling problems.

Ultra Thin Construction

The amazingly thin design of the MacBook Air 11 inch is the smallest and thinnest laptop on the market to date.  Once again, Apple has gone above and beyond what the norm for laptop computers is for the day.  It really is difficult to explain exactly just how thin this laptop is without you holding it and taking a look for yourself, while comparing it to everything in the room.  Measuring a mere .68 inches at the back of the unit (as thick as an iPhone 4) and only .11 inches in the front, it feels as though if you drop it then it will break.

Aluminum Uni-Body Design

But its thin design is balanced with elegance by its solid aluminum uni-body construction.  Made from one piece of aluminum, it is rigid but also light, and as a result, weighs a mere 2.3 pounds.  The sheer beauty of this laptop is complimented with an extremely strong design that allows the screen to not bend or flex despite it ultra-thin measure.

New Screen Size

With Apple’s smallest laptop ever made, the 11.6 inch wide-screen holds a 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing for a greater screen resolution and greater viewing angles.  This small screen packs a punch that allows for crisp images and graphics that are truly worthy of visual design and media editing.

Solid State Drive

WIth its ultra-thin design, there is no room for any movable parts like conventional laptops, so Apple went with a Solid State Hard Drive.  What this means is, without any movable parts on the hard drive like most conventional laptops, solid state drives are more durable.  Along with this feature, the solid state drive allows for faster transfer speeds, which means the laptop has what Apple calls “instant on” from sleep.


– Compact design allows for superb portability
– Aluminum uni-body design for durability
– 16:9 screen aspect ratio for greater resolution and viewing capabilities
–  Solid State Hard Drive allows for faster computing and file transfers


– No ethernet port does not allow to hard-wire into internet network
– Only 2 USB ports
–  No optical disk drive
– 128 GB maximum storage capability

The bottom line is this: if you are in need of an ultra-portable laptop, look no further than the MacBook Air 11 inch 128 GB.  With its sleep design, rigid aluminum uni-body construction, and solid state hard drive, this laptop goes above and beyond a laptop that is designed to be portable.  Lacking certain amenities that laptops, you buy this computer knowing full well of what it has and what it doesn’t.

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