Motorola Nextel i680 Brute Cell Phone

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BruteWritten by: Bradly A. Knox

Durability. Resistance. Reliability. Three words I chose to describe my initial thoughts of the Brute i680.  After I had downgraded from a smart phone to this old style flip phone, I was content about my decision at first; however, over time I had an unexpected disaster happened to my little Brute.  The major problem lies with the hinge for the screen. This was a mistake I made before purchasing this phone: I did not read any reviews.  Some of the features include:

  • Rugged armor for endurance and durability against rough situations
  • Nextel capable phone
  • External screen display

The purpose Motorola deemed for the i680 Brute was for withstanding stressful situations.  The rugged armor can withstand force very well. This product is surely not for those who want an upgrade for durability because I personally would rather drop a Motorola Razr before dropping a Brute because chances are the Razr would outlive it.  What the i680 needs is a new hinge (preferably one of a metallic alloy) because the hinge is naught but a plastic toy. This causes an unfortunate rating in my book because with all the effort in making the phone body indestructible, it loses its potency if you accidentally drop it and compromise the hinge.  This product is not for someone who wants to use as a cellular phone, but for direct connect. It makes a great Nextel tool, where you never have to open the hinge to use.


  • Great for Nextel direct connect service


  • Cheap plastic hinge that breaks easily
  • Call quality is poor and frequent calls cut in and out when travelling in motorized vehicles
  • The only case available for the i680 Brute is the stock clip case; however phone falls off clip on case easily.
  • Rugged skin around the hinge is weak; over time it frays and exposes the hinge to ultimately unhinging.

I do not believe in spending approximately $175.00 on this phone. I unfortunately did and now I have to wait until my term is up.  My first Motorola Brute was decommissioned not even 6 months of purchasing.  The left hinge of the phone is the only support; after that gave out the screen literately tore itself from the body and in no time, my phone was in two pieces.  The  purchase this Brute was not what I imagined for the price it was, you can find another durable phone with less to worry.

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