PetSafe Infra-Red Cat Flap

PetSafe Infra-Red Cat Flap

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Written by: Kiley Jacques

PetSafe Infra-Red Cat Flap
Door, Collar, Battery-Operated Key

Tired of Oscar’s eternal plea to go out, and then come right back in? Have a mate for Oscar whom he isn’t all that fond of? Need to offer one of them a respite? Well, the solution lies with the PetSafe Infra-Red Cat Flap. It can be used for escape to the outside world or between rooms. Its installation and requirements of its users are simple and stress-free. Just wrap the collar with its magnetic key around your pet’s neck and show him the way. Once he practices a bit, he will feel like a free agent (and so will you).

Sold at PETCO for $39.99, the PetSafe Infra-Red Cat Flap is a worthy and long-lasting investment. It is solidly built, battery-powered, and simply constructed (no bells and whistles – just one little light to indicate that it’s working). Many pet owners interested in similar products have complained about unwanted guests arriving in the wee hours of the morning. It does not happen with this Select Series HPA11-10874 PetSafe Cat Flap, as guaranteed by the manual 4-way security lock. Its 9.25″ x 9.75″ dimensions make it perfect for cats only. It also comes with a weather resistant magnetic flap and cover (additional tunnel extensions are available), which keeps water from puddling inside the house when installed for outside use.


Cat Coming Through Cat Flap
Oscar Making His Escape


  • Energy efficiency
  • Safe, secure, and effective
  • Easily activated
  • Reasonably priced
  • Widely available
  • Requires a few different power tools for installation
  • Replacement batteries difficult to find and expensive
  • May take pet a while to use comfortably

So,whether you are trying to prevent a cat brawl or giving your pet the freedom to dictate its whereabouts, the PetSafe Infra-Red Cat Flap is a good option. Other makers of like products include: Hitecpet, Cat Make, Cat Walk, and Staywell. Prices vary widely, as do consumer reviews. For the price, PetSafe provides a very reasonable and trustworthy cat flap.

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