Philips Norelco Qg3280/41 Multigroom Pro

Philips Norelco Qg3280/41 Multigroom Pro Review

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Philips Norelco Qg3280/41 Multigroom Pro
Written by: Suleman Sultan
For those guys who hate shaving, who hate getting nicks and cuts because they were in such a rush. For those who hate razors that go dull after a couple weeks of use. Norelco has developed a shaver that makes razors obsolete, the Philips Norelco Qg3280/41 Multigroom Pro.

The Multigroom Pro is an all in one shaver made for the whole body. Its designed to fit comfortably in your hand. With multiple attachments the Multigroom Pro becomes a full body grooming machine. While most people will not use all of the attachments all of the time , they are all still usefull to have.

The Multigroom Pro comes with 8 attachments

1) Full size trimmer
2) 9-position beard and moustache comb
3) Mini-shaver
4) Precision detail trimmer
5) 9 position hair clipper comb
6) Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer
7) Body groom shave
8) 5 position comb

All the attachments are washable and are easy to use. Since the Multigroom Pro has a snap-in system, all you have to do is take an attachment and snap it into the main body. No screwing or twisting involved. This saves a lot of time.

The Multigroom Pro has a rechargeable battery that takes only an hour to charge, the charge lasting around 50 minutes. From our experiments the Multigroom Pro still had juice in it even after we tried all of the attachments.

After extensive testing we came up with a pros and cons list

• Gets a shave like that of a razor blade without the irritation
• Multiple attachments are very handy
• Very long battery shower
• Waterproof
• Comes with cleaning accessories and a travel pouch
• Only comes in the color Blue
• After a while we just started using one shaver comb for everything. Making the rest unnecessary

Averaging about $50, Norelco’s Qg3280/41 Multigroom Pro is one of the best products for men who do not want to carry around multiple shavers and trimmers. This compact and versatile shaver/trimmer has been one of the best products we have ever tried (I eventually bought one for myself). The design is sleek and the materials durable.

I was skeptical about some of the metal fittings because they seemed brittle. I thought they would not last long, but I have had it for 6 months now and it’s still in perfect shape.

A final plus for the Multigroom Pro is that Norelco backs the shaver with a full two year warranty, so you will be set for a very long time.

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