Razer Gaming Mouse Lachesis

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Written by: Ben Miller

Have you ever found your online gaming experience to be disadvantaged by the insane clicking required by your basic computing mouse, just to perform the simplest tricks, skills or casts? If you haven’t gotten yourself a true gaming mouse yet but are seriously considering owning one, then a Razor mouse is the best way to go pro. The Razor Lechesis gaming mouse is a piece of technical superiority made perfect to be a  scrolling and clicking companion for any PC gamer.

The Razer Lachesis, Side View
The Razer Lachesis (La-kuh-sis).


  • 9-programmable Buttons
  • 5600dpi laser precise 3.5G sensor
  • Adjustable multicolor LED (16 colors)
  • 60KB Razer Synapse onboard memory
  • Seven foot lightweight non-tangle cord
  • Scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions
  • Gold plated USB connector
  • 1ms response
  • No Drift Control
  • On the fly sensitivity adjustment

About the Razer Lachesis

The name Lachesis (Lak-uh-sis) comes from One of the Three Fates from Greek myth, who measured out the lifetime of mortals. You’re likely to feel just as godly with the versatility of the Razer Lachesis with its 9-programable button layout that you can customize as hot-keys. The 3.5G laser sensor makes this mouse usable on any surface and with a 1millisecond response time, the Lachesis can be a formidable tool during any match-up. Razer products are specifically designed for gamers, which means plenty of selection, but the versatility of the Lachesis provides quality control for any game type and with the 60KB onboard memory it can save configuration profiles, making it easy to switch between games and computers on the fly.


  • Programmable button layout for eased gaming, surfing or work
  • Curved design makes natural rest for hand
  • Sensitivity adjustments makes finding your perfect range easy
  • Customizable color glow for unique style
  • Specialized Teflon feet help the mouse to glide over any surface


  • Pricy for a conventional mouse, but if used as intended, well worth the money
  • Sometimes difficult to reach both side panel buttons at same time
  • Macro editing in the configuration program is known to be buggy without proper drivers
  • A few seconds of lag when switching between button profiles


Razer Lachesis Top View, Alternate Color
Lachesis Top View with Red Glow


The Razer Lachesis is geared towards gaming but is perfectly capable of regular work and internet browsing. Out of all the gaming mice out there, this one provides quality performance for a fair price without being designed for just one game. Some parts of configuration have issues when programming macro settings and when one-button profile switch is enabled, the switch over can take about 3-4 seconds. Over all, the Razer Lachesis is a great option for gaming mice with only a few software bugs easily fixed with updated drivers. If you’re looking for a mouse with good peripherals, this one is a solid investment. The Razer Lachesis is available right off the manufacturer’s site but you may want to search out options on Amazon.com or Newegg.com.

Get this item: If you have any cash left over from Steam sales.

Don’t get this: If you don’t.


Razer Lachesis Gaming Mouse

MDL#: RZ01-0017, RZ010017

129mm (length) x 71mm (width x40mm (height). Lightweight, 128 grams.



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