Logitech G400

Review: Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400

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Logitech G400
Logitech G400

Looking for a versatile gaming mouse that won’t break your budget? Also want one that is accurate and has mappable buttons?

Then you want to check out the Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400.


  • 3600 dpi optical sensor gives you pinpoint aim-and-fire accuracy.
  • Instant acces to increase and decrease the mouse speed while in-game via buttons over and below the mouse wheel which allows you to go from pixel precise  to lightning fast movements in no time.
  • Fantastic control and responsive movements, gain more control with consistent tracking at any hand speed.
  • Great feel, sculpted design and comfortable even after the longest gaming sessions.
  • Low Friction feet allow for extra smooth movement and fewer interferences from dust and whatever else might be on your mousepad, like cheetos or something.
  • Programable side buttons mean you can use your mouse for more than just movement in game.
Great Mouse
Sleek and Effective

Having used this mouse for plenty of gaming, mostly MOBAs like HoN and FPS games like Team Fortress, I can say that this is a fantastic mouse that responds well and doesn’t get in the way of your pwnage. It performs like a mouse almost twice the cost of this one and with the button-mapping, you can stay ahead of the competition by having easy access to whatever hotkey/item/ability you want to map to the mouse.

The shape of the Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 is really great as well. I have larger hands and most mice feel small and inadequate in my hands, but not this mouse. It is light and easy to manipulate, yet has enough of a presence that it feels significant, not like a flimsy piece of plastic that would be easily crushed.

I also appreciated the length of the cord for the G400 gaming mouse as it allows for enough movement and works well for desktops and laptops as well.

I have had this mouse for over eight months without any issues, the buttons are all responsive, the movement is just as nice as when I got it, and I honestly can’t say enough good things about this mouse.

Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400
Comes in Crazy Dimples and Sleek Black(Not official names)

I will note however that my experiences with the mouse do not seem consistent with some other reviews I have read. The main problem that I’m seeing from these other reviews is that the mouse shorts out easily and can become unresponsive after only 5 weeks. The problem, according to these other reviews, is that the power is easily severed and can effectively brick the mouse if it happens.

As I can only speak from my own experiences, I love this mouse and highly recommend it, I have had no issues with it and have been using it on a laptop, moving the mouse around often, and playing with it often. From my experience it is the best mouse in this price range and more than enough to satisfy basic to avid gaming needs.

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