Samsung Captivate SGH-1897

Samsung Captivate SGH-1897 Product Review

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In a world of choices, choosing a cell phone is something akin to choosing an administrative assistant…for  your life.  So, in other words, it’s kind of a big deal.  I’m here to discuss with you my choice of the Samsung Captivate SGH-I897 smartphone and why it was a fabulous choice.

The sleek design of the Samsung Captivate SGHI897 is aesthetically pleasing.  Its bright 4” touch screen makes the phone’s many applications easy to navigate.  The phone’s integrated social networking capabilities will not let you down.  From Facebook, to Twitter, to Gchat, to Gmail to Yahoo, there is a way to connect to anyone in any medium you could ever desire.  The Droid’s patented Swype technology makes texting faster than ever, literally with the swipe of a finger.  If you are driving there is even voice-to-text technology available.   Meanwhile the 5.0 megapixel camera is ideal for snapping sassy shots and uploading your fun pics to Facebook or Twitter.

The ideal user is tech savvy so they can take advantage of all that this phone has to offer.  To prove that this phone can really do anything, let me just add that it comes with a 3.5mm ear jack so I can listen to my mp3s with regular headphones.  Let us reflect that this phone did the unthinkable—it replaced my iPod.


  • Lightweight – It easily fits in my small purse or clutch
  • Easy to use – I was able to set up my email and social media accounts rather quickly
  • Sleek design – looks and feels good in my hand

    Samsung Captivate SGH-1897
    Sleek Samsung Captivate SGH-1897
  • Decent battery life at the beginning


  • Must signup for smartphone data plan (Costs more per month)
  • I think I’m old school. I wish it had a keyboard
  • No camera button on the side of the phone (so it’s hard to take pictures of myself)
  • No flash for camera
  • After a year of use, my cell’s battery seems to need charging more frequently

But please, shop around.  There are many cellphone models on the market.  With such choices, you need to definitely look around.  Comparable products would be cellphones like the iPhone or any of the Samsung Galaxy series.  However, I’d say the Samsung Captivate SGH-1897 is definitely the cream of the crop.  Price wise, it’s usually easy to get a good deal on smartphones if you sign up with a service provider for a 2 year contract.  Now choosing a good service provider—that’s a whole new article…

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