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Written by: Diane Johnson

Samsung Comeback in Pearl White and Plum
Samsung Comeback in Pearl White and Plum


Samsung Comeback Pearl White, Plum
Front View of Samsung Comeback in Pearl White, Plum

I don’t need a SmartPhone. I just need a basic phone that can text, take pictures when I have no camera on hand, and place a call without dropping from low signal. Most simple feature phones fit this bill, but the Samsung Comeback does all this will a little more flair.

The phone has a front handset, so you can dial calls quickly. When you need to text it flips open and provides a qwerty keyboard that makes texting a breeze. The tiny buttons seem like they would be difficult to use, but actually work quite well for most finger sizes.

It has all the regular features most simple feature phones have, but when flipped open the viewing experience is much easier on the eyes.

I love the stopwatch feature. I use it when the phone is closed to time runs and strength training moves like the plank.


  • The phone locks automatically, preventing accidental butt or purse dials which result in ticked off bosses and friends.
  • Adding contacts is super simple
  • Using apostrophe’s, semi colons, etc… in texting is a painless process with the flip open screen. The features are just an alt button click away. No more clicking numbers and scrolling through rounds of options to select  another option, just to insert an apostrophe.
  • Easy access buttons are well placed. Like the scrolling/OK button and the quick mail icon button for texting.


  • Even though the phone automatically locks within 3 seconds of ending a call, if you don’t exit from your contact list, it will still be
    there. Thankfully, I’ve never had a whoopsie dial when in this mode (that’s a pro).
  • The texting buttons are fine with short nails, but when I let my nails grow, texting is slower. I can use the sides of my fingers, but
    the nails get in the way.
  • The camera works well, but at 2 megapixels, it’s not stellar.

If you are looking for a phone that receives signal well, has a good battery life, and just does the basics, this phone may just be for you…unless you have long nails.

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