Swiffer Sweeper two-in-one cleaning tool

Swiffer® Sweeper Review: a Two-in-One Floor Cleaning Tool

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Written by Lindsey Cook

The Swiffer is already a household name for its superior cleaning products, the classic Sweeper combination mop and broom stands out as a perfect example of efficiency.

Whether you typically clean your floors a little bit every day or more deeply once or twice a week, Swiffer has a cleaning tool that is perfect for you, and the Swiffer Sweeper is a most classic rendition.  Rather than using a bristled broom, which has the potential to damage your floors and still misses a great deal of dirt and debris, the Sweeper’s replaceable cloths attract and trap dirt and dust from most any floor and surface in your home.  The comfortable grip and swiveling head make it easy to maneuver into difficult spaces, and the cloth grippers are easy to work with and won’t drop the cloths as you scrub.  Dry cloths claim to pick up 50% more dirt than an average broom, a statement that is actually quite close to true, and the wet cloths can be used for a deeper clean for harder stains instead of a greasy mop.

Some users have had issues with the handle breaking soon after they bought it or thought the handle was too short for comfortable use.  Others wished for grooved cloths to better clean tile with grout.  Swiffer also revises their classic cleaning tool for more specific tasks, like the Swiffer WetJest which sprays cleaning solution onto the floor before “swiffing” across the surface to clean it, or the SweeperVac which combines a vacuum with a dry cloth for messes of all sizes.


  • Easy grip handle
  • Simple cloth grippers
  • 360 degree swivel head
  • Dry and wet cloths that attract and attach dirt
  • Cloth refills in various scents including vanilla and lavender


Swiffer Sweeper two-in-one cleaning tool
Swiffer Sweeper two-in-one cleaning tool


Once I used this Sweeper in my home I became a devoted user, and am now confident that it is the perfect addition to any kitchen that is keen on clean.  Even the few comments from some users who have disliked certain aspects of the Swiffer Sweeper, are generally accompanied by statements professing love of the cleaning tool nonetheless. And when I recall the days of scratching across my floor with a broom and concocting mop water in my sink while striving to wring water from a dribbling dirty mop head, I am more convinced than ever that the Swiffer Sweeper is worth the reasonable initial investment of $10.99 and future purchases of cleaning cloths.

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    gostaria de saber o preço do rodo swiffer sweeper

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