T-Mobile myTouch 4G Android Phone

T-Mobile® myTouch® 4G Cellular Device Review

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Written by Lindsey Cook

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Android Phone
T-Mobile myTouch 4G Android Phone

In a world of ever-growing smart phone possibilities, the T-Mobile® myTouch® 4G cellular phone claims it stands out as the smartest of them all, a bold and risky statement considering the competitive nature of the product.

This smart phone is a most popular model among T-Mobile customers, and prized for its mobile video chat, supposedly particularly in this version, which doesn’t require a wireless internet connection.  Its HD video can be shared online or uploaded onto your personal widescreen television, made even easier and quicker with the 4G internet, the fastest network available.  The addition of the Genius button connects straight to Google for automatic searching and fast response, however few users seem to find it an actually helpful feature, while the  “back” button seems much approved.  Texting is fast and easy with the built-in swipe texting, and the auto-correct spelling is fairly quick in learning my most used words.

This phone seemed to attract many Blackberry users whose time had come to move onto the newer innovations in phones.  However I am one of several who reminisce about the ease and efficiency of my Blackberry Curve in the face of this less capable and more complicated myTouch.  The battery life on the myTouch originally lasted barely longer than an hour rather than the 7 hours the company claims.  After discussing the problem with their tech support I was told to shut off all apps, including the 4G network, and dim the screen.  Only when I had eliminated all the features that made this phone smart was I able to make the battery last the full 7 hours, and an average length phone call will still suck the remainder of the tenuous battery.  Apps will start automatically in the background after I have already shut them off, and often cause my phone to glitch until I restart it, which, incidentally, the tech support claims is not a defect but simply the way the phone is. Much of my interaction with this phone is spent in frustration, I’m afraid.

All in all:


  • Fast and easy texting
  • Good quality videos and photos
  • Helpful “back” button


  • Low and inconsistent battery life
  • Necessary to turn off additional features
  • Glitching apps
  • Constant need to restart

The widespread use of smart phones makes this a highly competitive market, and one in which a lower quality phone will not survive.  Such is the case with the T-Mobile® myTouch® 4G Cellular Device, especially at $199 with a two-year contract, and unless the multiple significant bugs are fixed very soon this cellular device will be far eclipsed.  Personally, I would not recommend this phone, and can’t wait to go out and buy a truly smart phone soon.   * cough * iPhone * cough *

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