T3 7809 Veloce hair dryer

T3 7809 Veloce Hair Dryer Review

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Written by: Lisa Pearson

After years of using cheap, discount store hair dryers that had limited features and broke all too often, I took the plunge and invested in a higher end hair dryer from a specialty store. T3 is famous for their patented Tourmaline infused hair dryers which emits negative ions and infrared heat which heats your hair from the inside which speeds up the hair drying process while reducing frizz from the hair cuticle. T3 hair dryers set themselves apart from other hair dryers by featuring an infusion process that involves crushed gemstones that are in the unit itself rather than a sprayed on coating like other hair dryers. T3 states their Veloce hair dryer will result 40% reduction in drying time over conventional dryers and a silky, shiny finish.

I purchased this hair dryer online after reading rave reviews about the T3 7809 Veloce dryer and the promises of improved hair condition with every use and faster hair drying time. I have thick, shoulder-length hair which usually takes me around thirty to forty minutes to fully dry.

T3 7809 Veloce hair dryer
T3 7809 Veloce hair dryer with patented Tourmaline techonology

As most people who style their hair and/or are concerned with the appearance of their tresses, a good hair dryer can make all the difference in the style and condition of your hair. I felt that I had tried enough of the hair dryers at low price points and realized that they were either got too hot and I was afraid that long term use would end up damaging my hair or it simply broke after continued use.

The T3 Veloce is a standard sized hair dryer; it comes in black and silver and black and comes with an attachment to concentrate the heat distribution. The unit is 15.2 oz making it light and easy to handle. It has a 9 foot chord with a chord wrap which makes for easy storage. The hair dryer has a cool button and 2 heat settings.

After continued use of the Veloce, I honestly did not see a difference in the condition of my hair or in the amount of drying time. I can appreciate how simple the design of the dryer is with the 2 heat settings however, I wish it had more options like other hair dryers I have used in the past. Most of hair dryers I have used allow you to control the heat as well as the speed settings which is helpful, you can tailor the speed and heat to how wet your hair is or how you want to style it, etc.  The concentrated tip attachment is too loose and does not stay on the unit. It can be very frustrating to try and reattach while blow drying your hair as the tip gets very hot.

T3’s Veloce retails for $99 and they have some competition with Sultra Siren hair dryer which also have ceramic and ionic infrared technology, the same 2-speed and heat settings, and 9 foot chord. The Siren has 1400 watts while the Veloce has 1800 watts of power. The Veloce is also more economical at $99 and the Siren is $175.

As previously mentioned, the T3 Veloce did not deliver what it promised, there was no change in the condition of my hair and it did not dry any faster compared to other hair dryers I used which were much  less expensive and offered more speed and temperature control.

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