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Targus Laptop Chill Mat AWE55US Review

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Written by: Victoria Farina

Is the fan on your laptop computer working overtime? Have you ever been sitting with your laptop on your lap or bed and you start to hear a noise like an airplane about to take off? If you have had this experience, then the Targus Laptop Chill Mat AWE55US is just the laptop accessory you need to help your laptop to quiet down and chill out.

Laptop computers often have an issue with becoming overheated. This is often the case especially when people have their laptop computers sitting on surfaces which do not ‘breathe’ well such as their bed, a carpeted floor or their lap. When the fan inside the computer starts working overtime, it means that your computer is in danger of overheating. In fact, laptop fans often break due to overuse, and fan issues are one of the most common reasons for laptop breakdown.

The Targus Laptop Chill Mat solves this problem by creating a gap between the laptop and the surface it is on, allowing for air to flow in between and cool the computer. Also, the AWE55US model also includes its own fan which is powered by a short cord connecting to the USB port on your laptop which provides even more efficient ventilation. The top of the Targus Laptop Chill Mat has four rubber stops to keep the laptop from slipping. It is also made from a soft material so it will not damage any surface you put it on.

Image of Targus Laptop Chill Mat AWE55US
The Targus Laptop Chill Mat AWE55US prevents your laptop from overheating

I have found that when my laptop fan starts making noise and I connect the Targus Laptop Chill Mat, the computer cools down almost immediately and the internal fan slows down or stops completely. This means that the Targus Laptop Chill Mat is very efficient at cooling the underside of the laptop. I also like that it is a bit angled which brings the laptop up a bit higher and angles the keyboard at a more comfortable, ergonomic position for typing.

I tested the cooling ability of the Targus Laptop Chill Mat by placing my laptop on my bed and allowing it to get very warm. When I felt the underside of the laptop, it was almost burning to the touch and the internal fan was making a lot of noise. The laptop was about to take off! I then connected the Targus Laptop Chill Mat for five minutes. When I felt the underside of the laptop again it was noticeably cooler and the internal fan was not making much noise anymore. The laptop was warm but nowhere near the burning hot temperature it was just a few minutes earlier.

There are many laptop cooling pads on the market with a whole range of prices. The Targus Laptop Chill Mat is at the higher end of the spectrum but it is a quality product which does the job of cooling very well. I have not tried other cooling mats but can imagine that some of the cheaper models might break down after a lot of use. I have had the Targus Laptop Chill Mat for almost a year without any issues.

My only complaint about the Targus Laptop Chill Mat is that there is not enough padding on the bottom of the mat to comfortably balance the laptop on your lap. This model seems to be designed more for use on a flat surface. It is ok to use it on a soft surface such as a bed, but I find it too hard for my lap. If you like to have your laptop on your lap a lot, then you might want to look into other models or brands.


  • Very efficient cooling
  • Angled for a more ergonomic laptop experience
  • Prevents the internal laptop fan from possible breakdown due to overuse
  • Not soft enough to use on lap
  • A bit on the more expensive side
  • Does make a bit of noise when plugged in, but much less than the internal fan

Overall, this is a good, quality product which provides very efficient cooling. Since my laptop is the main computer that I use and I usually leave it on for the entire day, it often gets very warm if I do not use my Targus Laptop Chill Mat I have had laptops in the past which have overheated and taking them in to get the fan replaced is very costly. With the Targus Laptop Chill Mat I know that my laptop is safe from such calamities and it will not take off one day and fly away from me!

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