The iPhone 3GS…Still a Competitor? Yes.

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Written by: Stevanie Medearis

The iPhone 3GS is not an item of the past. Sure, the iPhone 4 has been released, but why replace something that’s not broken?

I’m here to tell you why purchasing the iPhone 3GS is still a smart buy. With the same access to all the wonderful apps Apple has to offer, the iPhone 3GS still uses the 3G network –just like the iPhone 4. Its 8GB of storage allows for thousands of songs, games, videos, and other apps to be placed for your convenience at the touch of your finger.

With newer software installed, and updated frequently at no cost, you are able to multitask with multiple apps at the same time without slowing down the phone.

iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3GS

Apple came up with idea of keeping things more organized through the use of folders. This allows for faster, cleaner entrances to your apps of choice. Like with the iPhone 4, you are now able to use your iPhone like a eBook…with countless online books to choose from. The 3.5” screen allows for a great visual experience when watching videos, playing games, or texting on the touch screen.

Don’t you just hate all the dirty marks on your current smart phone’s screen? Or, if you don’t have a smart phone, you probably still know what I’m talking about. With the iPhone 3GS, the screen has a coating on it that makes it fingerprint-resistant. How cool is that?

The iPhone supports multiple languages and different characters in the texting area, which makes this phone a good choice for many.

The only cons I have found with this phone is that the screen cracks easily if dropped on a corner (on a hard surface). The fix to that? Buy a hard cover. Hard Covers can be found at the AT&T stores, as well as your average mall. Also, the phone can freeze up randomly due to it being left on for days on end. The solution: turn your phone off for 5 minutes every couple of days to let it sort of “reset” itself. Don’t worry, it won’t actually reset any of your settings, this just allows it to have a clean start when you turn it back on.

The greatest part about this phone is that it’s only $49 with a two-year contract! Most decent smart phones these days cost at least $149.


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