Thinksound Rain 9mm Wooden Headphones

Thinksound Rain 9mm Wooden Headphones

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Written by: Judah Quintana

Whether you buy your music off iTunes, are a record junkie flipping through vinyl for your next fix, or rage the seas of the internet taking anything that shimmers in your ears, headphones are at the heart of enjoying your favorite artist. Though, it seems like the only quality headphones out there are $100 and up. Personally, that doesn’t fit into my budget. You want something clean and loud that can handle both Skrillex and Johnny Cash. Well, I give you Thinksound’s Rain 9mm High Definition Wooden Headphones.

Thinksound Rain 9mm Wooden Headphones
Thinksound Rain 9mm Wooden Headphones

The Boston Pheonix has this to say about them “Thinksound rain headphones were designed with true audiophiles in mind. These beautiful, powerful earphones feature a 9mm high-definition driver that makes your favorite music sound not just crisp, but downright orchestral-sounding. ” Not bad for fifty bucks right? Like Gizmodo said “For any price your not going to find a set of headphones more attractive or immediately distinctive.”

So it seems like these things have some fans. “But why should I care that there made out of wood?” you might ask yourself, and I’ll reply with, aren’t guitars made out of wood? Isn’t every conceivable instrument made of wood? Yes there are electric guitars, but if you’ve ever seen live videos of Nirvana you’ll see splinters flying through the air as Kurt Cobain pummels his guitar into the ground. Yes, even Skrillex, the current dub-step champion of the world utilizes wood. Those giant speakers he has stacked up at his shows, the casings, made of wood.


• A smooth and full midrange that allows you to fully absorb your favorite songs.
• Made from real wood allowing for better all around acoustics
• Minimal Microphonics (cord noise)
• Distinct instrument detail and separation
• Passive noise isolation (can’t hear anything but the music)
• Four sets of ear fittings to ensure the perfect fit
• Small ecological footprint:
• Wood is from renewable sources
• Packaging is made from recyclable materials
• Bleach-free packaging materials
• Smaller packaging size = less materials used
• Elimination of plastic bubble insert
• Cotton carrying pouch is sewn from renewable sources
• PVC-free cables

• A little more fragile than plastic or metal made headphones.
• If they do break harder to get fixed than plastic or metal.

So to break it all down, the quality is outstanding for the price, sleek design, and eco-friendly. Some people have noted that they are more fragile than your average iPod headphones, though that doesn’t mean they need to be held in their cotton pouch when not in use. So if you’re looking for something a bit different and of great quality, I can personally say that they will not disappoint even the most avid audiophile.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I just wanted to address your concerns about our headphones being ‘more fragile than metal or plastic.” This is not true. Our headphones pass the same testing as other headphones and are sweat resistant. They also come with kevlar reinforced cables with a 1 year warranty.

    Best regards,

    Aaron Fournier
    President and CEO

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  2. Thanks for the clarification. We appreciate your comment! It’s good to see a President and CEO engaging with end users in a real way. Best of luck!

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